Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Well, I am officially the big 22! Man, Quincy and I are getting old! hehe! Just thought that I would let you all know about my was pretty much the best...having a husband is WONDERFUL! I husband is WONDERFUL! As is having a sister....( I will get to that!)
So, from about 6:30-4:30, nothing much happened...except for getting about 10 "Happy Birthday" phone calls at work! That made work a lot better! For the past couple of days, Cody has said that we are going to dinner, he didn't tell me where, just said, in quite a joking voice, "Just be ready for a romantic candlelit dinner". If any of you know Cody...well, then you just laughed a little, didn't you?! Anyway, so I got off work around 4:30 and we drove up to...MIMI'S CAFE!!! MMMM....French Onion Soup calling my name! We started to walk up to the door, and long story short, AMANDA, IAN, and MEGGIE were there to greet us! I was so excited! And, they came bearing gifts, including the massive cake that you see above. It was not only massive, but amazing. For those of you who are wondering... if you have ever had the chocolate cake at P.F. Changs, it is pretty much amazing. Then, there is the chocolate cake at Magelby's, pretty dang amazing as well. Well, take these two cakes, and PUT THEM TOGETHER! That is like DOUBLE THE AMAZINGNESS OF CHOCOLATEY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! Yep, probably the best birthday dessert ever...(sorry mom! but thanks Amanda, and Ian and Meggie of course!)
We continued dinner, then opened presents! Woo-hoo! Tis the season for...Book of Mormon aids! What?! Well, I have been wanting to find a better way to study the stories in the BOM and Bible, so, my considerate sister bought me some books to help me! I am so excited to use them! Then, I opened Cody's gift (which, he told me on Tuesday that our new apple computer, ((which is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to play with my pictures on it, so by warned if you are with me at Christmas, you will be in photos!))was my Birthday gift, so I wasn't expecting anything....Dun Dun Dun...
Ahhhh...sooooo comfortable....ahhhhh....aren't you all jealous?

O...P.S. We had some help eating the cake! Daniel and Katie came over, so if you need witnesses to the wonderfulness...ask the lovebirds! (O, and Katie bought me "God wants a powerful People" by Sheri Dew, so I will let you know how it is! It is by Sheri Dew, so what could be wrong!?!? She is amazing!)

Merry Chirstmas to me...Love MOM!

I was shopping at "The Quilted Bear" in Provo...and if you haven't been there you need to go! It has all sorts of decorations, and tons of them are seasonal. I saw this and just had to have it as an early Christmas present. I seriously feel like a bad wife...we have no Christmas in our house WHATSOEVER! It is rather depressing, so...Thanks MOM!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Parties!

We had such a fun you can see! We had THREE Christmas work parties...First, United Way, then, Sage Creek Salon, then, RAPID WASH!!! We must have missed the memo on when the TRIANGLE H APARTMENT Christmas Party...maybe Cody accidentally threw it in the garbage...guess we'll never know! Ha! Anyway, the Rapid Wash Christmas Party was by far the BEST! We had such a fun day...and boy was it an all day event! First, I went up to Amanda and Kevin's and watched the kids while they picked out details for their new house. We had so much fun....taking a bath, doing Grandma Bev's Christmas puzzles, eating "cheese and quakers"...all sorts of fun stuff! (despite Meg getting bopped on the head...first by a football as Ian was yelling "Go DEEP MEGGY...GO DEEP!" then by a suitcase that Ian was pulling, then by the door right before their was quite the traumatic experience!) Following babysitting, Amanda and I went to Katie's Bridal Shower. It was great...we had a ton of fun!  The boys, in the meantime, were trying to pack up the kids and get them to the Delta Center...we didn't hear any horror stories, so it must have gone okay!  We met them at the Delta Center to watch the BYU vs. Michigan basketball game.  It was so much fun!  Following, we went to Cody's all time favorite restaruant...yep, you called it...CHIPOTLE!  Yum Yum!   Overall, we have had a really fun weekend.