Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Uneventful Week!

So nothing too extraordinary happened to us this week, but a couple things worth letting everyone know about! First things first...OHIO STATE WON! Therefore, Cody is a happy camper! Next, as most of you know, we have recently started managing a Laundry Mat! Amanda and Kevin bought it about 3 weeks ago now, and we open it in the morning and clean up after all those messy people at night! It takes us anywhere from 45 minutes-1 1/2 hours, depending on how driven we are to clean each night. Cody is always is such a chipper mood at night, it is a little harder for me, I am more of a go-to-sleep early kind of girl; he is a stay-up-late kind of boy! Anyway, we get it done happily each night, and there will be pictures coming excited! (O, I forgot to tell you that we got a early wake-up call on Saturday...from the alarm company! You know me, I was like freaking out..."Let's go!...what if someone is like shooting guns in there?!...what if they are taking all our money?!?!?!" Then there is Cody, all calm. He kept saying, "Chels, the cops are there, and what they heck are we going to do against anyone without them anyway?!" ...anyway, we got there, and it turned out that the store next door, which we rent out, had just put the code in wrong to disarm the alarm! AHH!!! So much for freaking out at 5:45 AM!!!)
Next things next...Cody and I both got some very exciting things this weekend...I will tell you Cody's first, then we can go into detail with mine! hehe! Cody got an Ipod Touch! Honestly, It is pretty dang sweet! It was a battle in his mind for quite a while, but he gave in and bought a fun little toy! If any of you don't know what it is, you can play music, get on the internet, upload pictures, check a calender, have an address book...all by just TOUCHING the screen! It is pretty cool that Cody and I got to sleep with it right next to our bed...!!! Now, my fun little thing...I got Adobe Photoshop 4.0!!! I am so excited! This is an Apple computer program that you can do scrapbooking with! It is AMAZING. I can upload photos, download papers, fonts, decorations like bows, lines, and flowers, and put them all onto a scrapbook page that can be printed at Costco for 3 for $5. It is the coolest thing ever! Hopefully I will get to the point that I can learn how to post my scrapbook pages on this blog. Then you can all see how stinkin cool this program is! That was our weekend!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Wedding Day!

Alright, what you have all been begging for!!! Pictures of our wedding day! (Okay, maybe no one has really been BEGGING, but I have been excited to finally get a few on here!) This was kind of fun to make a slideshow of some of our pictures. It pretty much took forever, and Cody MIGHT have made fun of me a little while I was doing it, but it was so worth it! Cute, Huh?!(P.S. This slideshow was inspired by the adorable one that my sister-in law Missy made of her kids!)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Before "I Do"

Let's start way back in the day...Cody and I went to Cancun for my brother and Alexsis's wedding in 2004. This pictures is after we went snorkeling and saw a MASSIVE stingray. A few months after we went to Mexico, Cody left on his mission to Columbus, OH. (Go Buckeyes!...Cody's two cents). We didn't really write on the mission...I think I wrote him and he never wrote me back, Cody thinks just the opposite! He came home, and....

Nothing...for a while anyhow! Cody went on a cruise to Alaska with his whole family....couples only. So, this is Cody with his "signifigant other"! Soon to be Chelsea Adelle!

This Picture was taken on my 21st birthday-3 days after Cody and I went on our first date. Just a little story of our first date...So, we had been hanging out for a while, Cody was basically chasing me daily! hehe! (He has a different story, but I am the one doing the blog!) Anyway, he finanlly got up the guts to ask me out...kind of...he TEXTED me! "Do you have any plans on Friday night? Alright then, we are going on a date!" And that was that....we went to the Pursuit of Happyness and P.F. Changs.

Friday, September 21, 2007

New to this whole Blogging thing...

Okay, so this is just a test...hopefully I can take it off of our page when I am done testing it! My cousin Ashley Wray has just been BEGGING me and BEGGING me to do this...ha ha ha! Just kidding ash! But, I think it will be kind of fun. Amanda just started one, so now I can see her cute kids in pictures all the we go...!!!!