Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midterms and 32 weeks

O these boys are sure growing on me:) Not to mention growing big IN ME! The average twin baby at this stage in a pregnancy is 3 lbs. 8 oz...our boys are...
Baby A: 3 lbs. 12 oz.
Baby B: 4 lbs. 6 oz.
Good job boys! Keep on growing! I think we have one very normal size baby, and one BRUTE as the Dr. says! Their weight gain will probably slow down a little in the last few weeks in the womb, but we hope they just keep chugging away. We are hoping to make it to March 21, which is 36 weeks. Anything beyond that is just happy bonus ounces on the boys:) I am pretty sure I will be begging to have the boys by then, my body sure is tired! At the same time, I love my pregnant belly so much. Sometimes I just never want it to go away.

In other news, midterms are almost over! I can't wait, and Cody REALLY can't wait. It has been a killer couple of weeks and he just has 3 more tests to go, then spring break! I can't wait to have him for an entire week. We will get some good one-on-one time right before the boys come! I am just so in love with my hubbs, I am so excited to have that time with him. Love, love, loving life right now. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father watches over us so closely!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

30 Weeks

Last week my OB told me the best thing we did in this pregnancy was have me quit work at 23 weeks. My body is just starting to realized all that it is going through, and we would all be in a world of hurt if I were still working. I have felt so bad for staying home, so it helped me a ton to hear her say that. This is the first time that my cervix length has decreased and they have been able to monitor contractions. They think I made it this long because I have been taking it easy, so thank heavens that I have! I want to keep these boys in my tummy as long as possible, so they are as healthy as can be!

The boys are looking great, heart beats just chugging along. In two weeks we will do measurements again and make sure that they are growing the way that they should be. (And hopefully get a few more pictures!) So far, So good. Let's just hope my body decides not to take a turn for the worst, and we will be one step closer to having these boys in our arms.

We are constantly debating name choices, who knows!?! Right now we have Maddox, Barrett, Dax, Kymer (Call him Ky), Maxwell and...a few others I am sure I am forgetting. The first two are our favorites, so we will see.

The boys kick each other quite often, I am sure that will be a daily occurrence once they are here, too:) They are moving and grooving in there, and that is what I like! It is so comforting to feel so much movement, with Warner it was SOOO different.

Okay, a belly pic, that is what you are all awaiting...

6 more weeks to go until we meet these little guys. I'm pretty sure once I am holding them I won't ever want to let go.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two showers...for two babies! (and their mommy)

Baby shower #2 was this weekend! I feel so loved, it is amazing the great family and friends that I have. My awesome friends Chantell, Ali, and Teddy worked so hard to make it perfect, and it was! It was a "Mommy to BEE" shower. Everything was "bee" themed.

The pic above is me, Chantell, and Brooklee. The decorations were sooooo adorable. Yellow and gray (my faves) everything. There were beehives, a diaper cake, these adorable clotheslines, balloons, hanging decorations, take-home party favors, and multiple other cute things! I have so many photos but I tried to narrow it down!

For the start of the shower we played 2 cute games, questions about the mommy to "bee" and a candy bar game. They were both so cute, ones that I will use for sure at the next shower I throw!

Me, Teddy, and Ali. After games we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Soup bowls (which I now want to enjoy every day!) with 3 different soups, a fruit and veggie tray, and desserts that I couldn't keep my hands off of! Then it was on to the gifts...

Baby A's blanket.

Baby B's blanket. Teddy worked so hard on these two blankets and they are so worth it! They are perfect! I love everything about them, the color, the size, the boys are gonna use these forever and ever.
Me and Crystal. So many of my great friends came to the shower, and SO many people were way too generous with their gifts! It is amazing to me that everyone that came really loves me and these boys. I can't wait for the boys to meet them all. I loved every minute of my shower, thank you to everyone that came, that slaved over it for hours! I will never forget!