Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kansas City and Prairie Club

Alright...we have done quite a few fun things as of late, I have just been a totally LAME blogger. Seriously, I have TONS of recipes to blog about on mmmcafe, and haven't posted one in over a month! I guess you could say that life is a little crazy. I have been SUPER busy with hair, and I have even done a few PHOTOSHOOTS in the past few weeks. I really do love taking pictures, I should try to promote myself more because I enjoy it sooo much. Make sure you hop over to my photography blog to check them out!
Now for a re-cap of the past month of our lives...
We went to Kansas City with the youth a few weekends ago. I was so scared that it was going to be a nightmare, but the kids were really good and we actually had a blast. Teddy was supposed to come and her Dr. told her that she couldn't at the very last minute, I was majorly bummed...like brought to tears bummed. It would have been quite a bit more enjoyable with her there, but we survived! Scott was a trooper and hung with Cody and I and a few other leaders all weekend. We were able to go to some church sites, and I learned so much! We visited Adam-ondi-Ahman first:

then Far West:

Then Independence which included the Mormon Visitors Center, the Community of Christ Temple (crazy experience), and Liberty Jail:

We were especially excited that we were able to go to Scott's favorite BBQ joint, Oklahoma Joes. It really was amazing, some of the best ribs I have ever had! Good find Scott!

Whew...lots of pictures!
Next is the big Golf-Trip-Of-The-Year with Scott and Cody. They woke up at 4 am and drove 5 hours accross Nebraska just for a golf course! The Prairie Club Golf Course is outside of Valentine, NE. They played 36 holes the first day and 36 holes the second day...talk about some golf! They had a wonderful time, (and Teddy and I had a wonderful time, too! We spent an entire day working on cute Jane's bedroom, it was seriously soooo much fun. Then we headed out to dinner and to YUMMY red Mango. We had a blast and a half together!) Here are some pictures to commemorate the boys' 2 crazy days:

Holy cow...I hope you kept up with all of that craziness! We have been having a great time while Cody was off for a few weeks, and now back to the grind! He is back to studying like a mad man and I am working away. Until our next adventure....!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Pictures

I have finally posted our family pictures! I am so sorry that I kept you all waiting, but finally they are here. We are so happy with the memories that we will have of Warner Nathan. He made such an impact on our lives, we are so thankful for eternal families and the blessing that we will get to see him again after this life.
CLICK HERE to see our favorites.