Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little Things {February}

I recently saw a blog that does a {Little Things} post every month or so. I liked this idea, so I thought I would try it out. Just a flash of our month from my point of view.

This winter has been killer. Like, tear my hair out, wanting to bang my head against a wall (which Dax literally does multiple times a day, whenever he gets frustrated. It's so sad, and horrible!), try to be patient and loving and discipline my crazy kids all at the same time, KILLER. I couldn't be more thankful for my husband.
Yes, yes, we all have amazing husbands who are a perfect balance to us, well, most of the time anyway...but really. I am a crazy, uptight, want everything now kind of woman. Cody is a patient, feel-it-out, go with the flow, man. I don't know what I was like before he came into my life 7 years ago, but I do know I was even crazier than I am now, and that's scary:) He has chilled me out, thank. Heavens.

Barrett, poor Barrett. 3 ear infections in 6 weeks. That calls for surgery in 4 days. Im so hoping it helps him feel better. He has been crashing on me at 11 am. I won't lie, I love it. I am a mega babywise mom. I never ever rocked my boys to is great that I can just throw them in their beds, BUT, they never, ever fall asleep on me. And that makes me so sad. When the rare occasion comes up that they are so wiped out and just need their mommy, I love every second. (Until my babywise brain sneaks up and ruins it!)
The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking with me. They pretty much help at every single meal, snack, and sweet treat moment. Barrett especially loves to stir, then say, "Dax's turn!" and push the bowl to Dax. Yes, push the has only ended up in a couple disastrous spills so far, but I'm sure there are more ahead! Their favorite is to "Bam, Bam, Bam" with the mallet to flatten out our chicken. O, the little joys. Their giggle so hard as they smash the chicken to smitherines.
 My Meyers boy. All smiles, all the time. Well, as long as he isn't vigoriously trying to suck on his fingers, that is. He is really an angel baby...Dax was really really good, too. Meyers has taken it to a whole new level though. No worries, I'm expecting a full fledged catch up of screams when he is two!
 "My Hello!" Yep. For weeks, Dax ran around the house shouting "Mahalo! Maahhaallloo!" We thought he was planning on heading to Hawaii without us knowing. Then, one day, we realized that his cell phone is "my hello." DUH! How did we miss that? He talking full on jibberish into his phone all day, with a "gampa. Cows? mm hhmmm. Gampa" mixed in here and there. Feel honored Grandpa Jim, you are definitely a part of his daily routine!
 Tub time. I have mixed emotions. 6:55 rolls around and I sigh with relief. Tub, Yogurt, Jammies, Scriptures, prayers, bedtime! It's here! They rush to the tub, I wrestle them out of their clothes (well, most of their clothes. By this time Barrett is SURE to have left his pants somewhere else in the house), and throw them in the tub. Sometimes they last 30 minutes, giggling, splashing (Much to cody's dismay) and drinking the tub water (ick, please dont get cancer.) Other times it lasts about 3 mintues until everyone is screaming and crying from getting hit, splashed, or dunked. Out them come, and on goes the bedtime routine.
 Dax's smile is the best. Really. When he's healthy, he runs around with this perfect smile all day. He is turning quite mischievious lately, however. "On, Off, On, Off"! So fun. It's amazing what can entertain these boys...for 45 seconds at a time, anyway:).
 This kid LOVES his mommy. Meyers is 100% addicted to me. I basically never leave him alone in a room because his big brothers are bound to find him and torture him. Barrett doesn't necessarily torture, but kisses and hugs, and smothers him to his hearts content. Dax is totally oblivious and usually ends up  accidentally stepping on him. So... he is my buddy. I hope this never changes. He is giggling now which I adore. 14 pounds of fun.
 This kind of broke my heart. My Little guys aren't so little anymore. Loving sitting at their table...not really eating anything because they are too distracted by the fact that they are "free". They insist on feeding themselves everything. Especially Barrett. He loves to spill his yogurt on the way to his mouth, then flip the spoon around in his mouth to get all the food off that had already fallen on his lap:).
 Nursing one baby. Holy moly what a life changer! I really have actually enjoyed nursing Meyers. The twins it was like, "Hurry up kiddos"! But with Meyers I am loving it, and the sweet smiles that come along with it. He is getting realllllly distracted by me and the boys lately, he will stop and chat with me forever...but he is still gaining weight just fine and he is happy, so all is well.
 The trouble makers. Yep that's all I have to say about that.
 My cute sister has supplied us with basically every book in our home...which is alot. She's pretty awesome like that. When we accepted our new job in Iowa, I got a personal visit from fedex a few days later. I should have known she would do something! This is the cutest book all about our new home. We are so excited, and house hunting like crazy people! (It's maddening and all I think about!)
 Ready for church! Once more, going to church and just worrying about one baby is so nice! He's a champ through Daddy's sunday school lessons, and Cody usually even keeps him for the last hour. It's a great break for me. I am loving shipping my kids off to nursery for two hours-except they get a cold every week, which leads to an ear infection, which means no church for a couple of weeks, and then the vicious cycle begins again. Boo for sickness.
 Can't believe I caught this rare moment. Really, Dax just ignores or despises Meyers. When he wanted to hold him I jumped on the opportunity! And yes, Meyers is about his size!
 Target outing with three kids, two carts, and one adult. That was FUN! Got my groceries and a million other things and we all survived just fine. We definitely got some good looks from other shoppers! Here's to hoping theres a big cart NEXT time:).

 Love these moments. Even if they only occur because a movie is on. I'll take it.
 I dont know what i'd do with just 1! They play all day. If one is without the other for more than an hour they get confused and bored!
We try to get out every friday night, basically for a little sanity, and a kitchen that doesn't need wiped down from top to bottom. This was the best night. Whole foods pizza, which I love, my 4 boys, which I love, and a very "wow, I'm blessed" moment as I watched them all chowing down on a pizza straight from the box. Loving this little family of mine and the fact that we can no longer just get two slices. Soon we will need 2 pizzas, for each of the 3 boys! I can't wait.
 Training him for a world record. Youngest kid to ever fit his fist in his mouth. We will get there, soon.

 Daxman. O crazy Dax, He is a mini me. He is high and low, nowhere in the middle. Who has time for the middle, anyway! He is my happy, happy guy, and my "slam my head into the door, the tile, the wood floor" in a tantrum buddy. O jeez. Fun times ahead with this kiddo. Tubes for him too. Hopefully that helps his tantrums. I'm praying that it just his ears that are hurting him and not his actual personality that is causing him to scream and hit me, and himself, all day. We will see. Not sure what happened to his hair in this photo. We are out to lunch, definitely got a look or two in his direction:)