Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Hubby Rocks!

Today is my birthday...and it has been the best! He made a cake for me! Yes, Cody baked. It was a total shock. He didn't make just any cake, either, he made a cake with HOMEMADE Cream Cheese Peanut Butter frosting. I had resee's cups on top, and even fresh shaved chocolate. Way to go all out, Cody! I told him that he now has to live up to that every year from here on out!

He topped off my cake with the DVD Julie and Julia, which I had never seen. It was so super cute, and now I just want to cook, cook, cook!
He also gave me the best present ever, which I will put up a picture of after Christmas Vacation...I know, I know....suspense, right?! Hopefully you think it is as awesome as I do!

After a nice relaxing day of getting my huge surprise, watching a girlie movie at 9 in the morning, eating cake for lunch along with some spiderman mac and cheese(yes, I eat this!), and doing a few loads of laundry to get ready to fly home tomorrow (Yippeeee!), we headed to a delicious italian restaurant called Lo Sole Mio. It was divine. I am now going to go eat a sugar cookie from Paradise Bakery and call it a night! Thanks for the best day ever Hubb! (And stay tooned for the reveal of the big surprise!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

This is our BEAUTIFUL Christmas tree! I had to beg...and maybe shed a tear or get it. Isn't it awesome? I love it so much. It makes my day each time I get to turn the lights on. We had a good time decorating it...especially when we got a box of Cody's Christmas ornaments from his parents. They were so fun to see! He has one from each year of his life...from trains to planes to golfing santas and polar bears! They are so cute!

Omaha is insane. Yes, insane. I thought Montana had snow...NO WAY! It is so crazy here...we had 4 inches of snow on Monday of last week, and 11 on Tuesday! School and work were cancelled, so Cody and I just partied! Okay, so Cody studied and I, well, I am not sure what I did! It is freezing here...and did you know there is such a thing as freezing rain? It coats on your windows of your car and you have to start your car for at LEAST 30 minutes before you even attemp to scrape your windows! It is INSANE!!! I have never worked so hard in my life!
I also had to give you a preview of things to come on my food blog:

These tasty little treats made an appearance at our soon-to-be annual neighborhood Christmas Party. We had our cul-de-sac of neighbors over for a little treat night as well as some 7-11 game playin'! It was such a fun time...and the 7-11 got pretty heated! If you don't know what 7-11 is, you are missing out!