Saturday, April 3, 2010

29 weeks and Easter

Well, here is my 29 week belly! My mom just asked if my belly was growing, so here is the proof. It is so fun to actually SEE the fact that I am pregnant...especially because I don't really feel pregnant. I have started to have some sciatic pain on both my right and left sides, but other than that I am feeling great! I am getting a little bit more tired, similar to weeks 6-12, but I am not quite as deflated yet. I really have been so fortunate thus far to have such a healthy pregnancy...hopefully all of my pregnancies are this easy!
I just got done posting the latest Baby W update, so if you would like to read it,
Cody and I went to Target last night, that place always makes my day! (And steals my money!) We went with nothing in particular to purchase, and left with:
-a new shirt for Chels for $7 (in pic above)
-a new shirt for Cody for $8 (that looks like it cost $30!)
-the BluRay of New Moon (which we have yet to watch...Final Four Baby!)
-tennis balls (for the one time we will place tennis in the next 4 months)
-Rhodes Rolls (for monkey bread on easter morning)
I am excited for Easter tomorrow, really for no reason at all! Easter was always so fun growing up, one more day to be spoiled by my parents! Man, they sure treated us good! I didn't do a basket for Cody, and now, at 9:40 PM, I am wishing that I did. O well, hopefully the dinner will make up for it. Here's what's on the agenda:
Ham with honey glaze
Oven roasted green beans
Lime Merengue Pie(yeah, just subbing the lime for lemon...
not sure if that will turn out, but I am going to give it a shot!)
The last Easter dinner I made was a TOTAL flop....TOTAL. My rolls were like baseballs, they didn't rise at all. My ham was cold, despite the 3 hours in the oven (still not sure what happened!) I butchered the potatoes...the list goes on. I am hoping that my meal tomorrow will end up better! Wish me luck!
By the way, I am loving LDS general conference this weekend. Every talk has been so good. Click here tomorrow at 10:00 am MST if you want to watch it, too!