Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blessing Day

Today was the boys blessing day! It was perfect. They were both so good, and they looked adorable in their ties!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

100 days.

100 Days. Wow. That is just crazy! I can't decide if I feel like they have been here forever, or if I feel like they were just born yesterday. A little bit of both I guess. I feel so happy, so complete. (not totally complete, we definitely want to add to our family:)) These boys, all 3 of them, make me smile, make me cry, make me laugh. I am so grateful for all of the range of emotions I have experienced in the past 100 days. Most of all I have been able to develop this new sense of love.

Love for Barrett's giggle, his grunts, his tiny smirk, his desperate cry. For his please-hold-me-all-the-time attitude, for his big blue eyes, his long ET neck, his sloth-like tendencies. I love his chill attitude, unless he is so overly tired he can't do anything but scream. His zoned-out moments, or hours. The way he rolls his head from side to side when he's about to fall asleep on Aunt Missy's silkies. His kicking, o his kicking! His skinny legs, how can there be muscles on those?! His hands, they are huge and he is just starting to hold them together and discover them. The stretch when getting woke up or taken out of his carseat. He reminds me of Warner. His mini-me of Cody:)

Love for Dax. His giant, open-mouthed smile. His short, stocky, square feet. His snorts...he is known around our friends for his snorts! His chowing, he could eat for hours, all while whacking me with his free arm. The no neck, his spastic movements on the floor, kicking both his legs and shooting his arms out all at the same time. The arch, O THE ARCH! He never wants to lay flat. He's addicted to TV, already. Uh-oh. (need to invest in baby einstein or signing times). The chubby cheeks, I kiss them all day. The binkie addiction, he needs it always. His obsession with me, his fall-asleep-right-when-mommy-touches-him-ability, those big brown eyes look straight to my heart. The fake cry. The pouty lip.

Love for Cody. Who knew this could grow so much? His obsession with our boys is amazing. His I'd-rather-cuddle-with-them than put them down attitude. The nicknames, O the nicknames! His management of them both at the same time. His chill, chill attitude. His compliments to his wife and mommy of these boys. The way he "shushes". He's always the first to run up to the bedroom to the rescue. He is going to teach them everything they know, I hope they grow up to be just like him. I tell them that every day.

Here are some of my favorite of the last 100 days...check them all out HERE.