Friday, August 23, 2013

29 weeks

On the left is me with the twins at 29, on the right is me with the new baby at 29! He has lots of room compared to them!

Dax man

Dax man. He is totally a miniature me. Dramatic, not patient at all, but happy happy all the time when he's not doing the first two things:)


This little guy isn't a fan of naptime. Nope! Dax loves to sleep, but Barrett knows if he wakes up early he gets mommy time! Ill take it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back Burner

I feel so poor blog has been on the back burner for wayyyyyy too long. Honestly, I feel like everything has been! My cosmetology, my photography, even my cooking has been lacking for the past few months. I guess we have had a crazy time, but really, I have no excuse. It just hasn't been at the top of my list! Better catch the world up on what the Winterholler's have been up to for 6 months. O my gosh! 6 months! I have never been this bad of an updater! I'll work on it, I promise...Mom:)

March was one of the most exciting, anticipated months for us. We went to Cancun with The Elders!  It was the most relaxing, fun, talk and talk and laugh my head off vacation I have ever went on. We miss these guys so much, and hopefully we make this a yearly affair...maybe taking the kids next year.


Next, the boys turned ONE on April 4th! It wasn't the most eventful day, but we sure enjoyed celebrating with the boys. This year went past so stinking fast! I sure love my crazy boys.

 Dax loved destroying the cake, Barrett thought we were torturing him!!!

 Next was family pictures...I am 13 weeks pregnant in these photos so maybe not the best time to take pictures, but we NEEDED new photos for our walls!

 The most exciting event of the year was, of course, Cody graduating dental school. WOOO HOOO! I am so proud. Honestly it is amazing what this man has accomplished in his four years. He has balanced School, me, Church, Warner, lots of miscarriages, and Dax and Barrett with ease. He is so level headed and patient, the last four years could have been so hard, but he made them easy as pie. I love this handsome man!
 O yes, and another BOY is coming to the family November 1, if you couldn't tell what this crazy picture meant...

Right after graduation we moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. Cody is doing a one year oral surgery fellowship at UNMC, and loving every minute! He is learning so much and will be a pro at 3rd molars, sedation, implants, and extractions so that he can use this in his general practice! He is also practicing in  Omaha on Saturdays, so he is a BUSY, BUSY guy!

After the move we headed to Puerto Rico for a little graduation party! It was the best trip, and Amanda took the boys for a full 7 days for us. Holy cow. She is an angel! It was amazing to see where Cody was born, and with the best tour guide, his dad! We loved every minute.

We had a blast in Tahoe with my sister and her family, I didn't want to leave!

And...after all the highlights, we are finally now settled down in Lincoln, and loving it. Like I said, Cody is busy, busy, but we are so happy. The boys just entertain me all day, and I am now 29 weeks pregnant. 10 more weeks and we will have another healthy little boy adding "music" to our home. I am so excited. Really, I know it seems crazy, but I can't wait. I am already missing how little my boys used to be, as they are starting to talk and do things that I feel are just too big for them to be doing! I love my days, even when they are filled with two boys screaming at my ankles. I know this time will just go by too fast. Honestly, as long as the boys are healthy, they are happy as can be. I am so lucky to have wonderful boys to spend my days with!
Just some fun pictures as of late...