Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20 weeks

Deep breaths of relief for everyone! The boys' 20 week ultrasound was today, and hip hip hooray! Everything looks wonderful so far! Their "long" bones, arms and legs, are exactly where they are supposed to be. Kidneys, heart, spine, stomach, and brain look great. These babies couldn't be doing any better. Thank you for this amazing tender mercy, Heavenly Father. Thank you!

In the Picture below, you can see BOTH off the babies feet! On top is Baby B's feet, one tilted horizontally and one tilted to the right. Then there is a white line which is the placenta separation. ON the bottom are Baby A's Feet, his heels closest to the placenta, on one- toes pointing down and the other is tilting to the right. So fun to get both of their feet in one picture! Probably the only thing that will fit in one photo of theirs until they are born!

Look at that spine! It is amazing what you can see on an ultrasound.

Profile shot of Baby B...we didn't get any of him last time!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving 2011 was great, great, great. Cody and I slaved all day over yumminess! We had a blast doing it, and everything turned out more than delicious. I enjoyed every minute of just hanging with the hubbs. We also did our fare share of shopping, with plenty of resting in between:)  O and the best part...the day after Thanksgiving is decorate the house day. We put up our tree and all of our other decorations, and started a new tradition. Cody makes the best meal...homemade noodles, broth, and mashed potatoes, topped with allspice. I know is sounds crazy, but it is a Winterholler fave. He made it for me as a surprise, I LOVED it! Seriously it was my favorite event of the entire weekend. It will now be a day after Thanksgiving tradition!

On Saturday we watched lots of football, including the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. Ohio was SOOOO close, but lost for the first time in 8 years! Bummer! It was a really good game though. I worked on my niece and nephews Christmas present the whole game, so that kept me a little more entertained. Then we headed to the Durham Museum. They have a REAL tree that they put inside the train station and decorate. It is the BIGGEST Christmas tree I have ever seen! It was really awesome.

Now for the random-ness. This is Ali and Teddy and I on Teddy's birthday, just a cute pic I had to post!

A cute pic of Hubbs and I that I forgot to post!

O and how could I forget to post this picture?! I love these 2 girls, Katie and Lucy. We had a blast hanging out when I went home, and I can't wait to see how much Lucy has grown when we visit again at Christmas! (I bet Lucy will be surprised at how much I have grown, too:) Haha

Here is the latest belly pic. Okay, so this is 16 weeks, and I am 20 weeks now! That's right folks, it's gonna be a big one! 16 weeks to go...lots of room to grow. That's okay, I want these boys big and healthy! Speaking of them...we so can't decide on names. Kinda driving us crazy. I have an appointment with OB tomorrow and perinate on Tuesday, so I am anxious, as always. I keep waiting to NOT be nervous for an appointment, it's just not coming. My faith continues to strengthen that everything is going to be okay, but I think I won't truly believe it until they are here. I am feeling, well...okay. I am about as big as full term with Warner, and feeling about full term. I can't really do full days of work anymore, it is totally killing me! We will see how much longer I last. I am trying so hard to be tough! Not really in my hands though, just gotta listen to the doctor's, and most importantly, the babies! Done with the random-ness. Life is great! 3 weeks of final-filled days for Cody. Ugg. But really, Life couldn't be better. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Meal

I am so excited. Okay, so at first, and earlier this week, I wasn't so excited, but now I am. We are staying in Omaha for Thanksgiving, and making a feast just for the two of us. When you think of holidays you think of huge meals and the whole family, and we will totally miss our fan, that is for sure. But, sometimes you don't have a choice, so we are doing it in our beautiful home, just with one another. Cody has been excited about whipping up some yumminess for weeks. Really, he has been scoping out recipes and getting me to forget that we don't get to go home. He is making it FUN that we get to do a holiday with just he and I. I am so blessed to have a "be positive no matter what you are doing" attitude of a hubby. He sure is amazing. I love that he is my best friend, and I am his. I look forward to a weekend of nothing but him. We have our Black Friday shopping stores scoped out and hopefully find some good deals! We are just gonna eat ourselves silly one day, and shop ourselves silly the next!

Grandma's Rolls
Sweet Potato Filled Ravioli or Turkey Noodle Soup (just can't decide! Cody's homemade noodles:))
Cranberry Sauce
Delightful Mashed Potatoes
Whipped Sweet Potatoes
Homemade Stuffing (with no chunks!)
Brined Turkey Legs (We did this last year...perfect!)
Apple Crisp with whipped cream

I hope your plans are as fun as ours! Happy Thanksgiving, be thankful no matter where you are or what you are doing!:) Take it from me, it is way better that way!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Does your patience ever hit an all time low? Mine does, alot, unfortunately. Especially when I am pregnant. I pretty much want what I want, and want it now. I need to chill. I read a quote today about how it is okay if the house is a mess, as long as you are making memories. Sometimes I concentrate on the house, and not the memories. I am sure this will only become more of a reality in the coming months.

You would think after all of these years, patience would have come to me! It is still a daily struggle, and probably will be forever. I hope I can have less "all time low" and more "it's not a big deal" moments. Better start praying for that, and soon:)

ON a side note, the boys really like Kashi whole grain waffles and fresh syrup. They have been bumping me all morning!!!! I love it.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Well, it was the BIG appointment for us today. 17 weeks. I will get the facts out of the way for those of you who don't want to read about the emotions!
-Dr. R. checked the kiddos "long bones" (arms and legs). This is the largest indication of skeletal dysplasia. Both babies looked wonderful. One baby measured right on schedule at 16 weeks 5 days. The other measured 5 days ahead of schedule!!!!!!!!!!! YAY. YAY. YAY!
-Dr. R. also checked their genders....and...Surprise!

BOY and BOY!

They were wrong at the 12 week appointment...I could hardly believe it. We have two little Mr's in there! Okay, that's the important stuff, here are the details:

I have been dreading this appointment, and looking forward to getting it over with. I couldn't decide if I wanted to never, ever go to the appointment so that, if something was wrong, I wouldn't have to know. I have never been able to decide if it is better to know that there is something wrong with your child and have months and months to prepare for it; or if it is better to be shocked at an immediate outcome. I guess I think it is better to have the knowledge all along, simply because that is how I did it. Then again, if we always knew the outcome of our trials, we might just choose to give up, instead of going through the pain. In our case, there was so much pain. But if I could only explain in words how much greater the joy was at the end of our journey with Warner. The amazing peace that I am not sure I will ever feel again that I felt when I held him.

I have had days of anxiety, maybe even a week. I mean, I have been worried since the beginning, but actual tears of concern were in my eyes even thinking about this appointment. I would have times of peace, usually after I prayed for comfort or after talking with someone who sincerely would re-assure me that everything was going to be okay. I can't stop thinking about something my sister in law told me right before we got pregnant with the boys. She said, "Heavenly Father knows when you have hit your limit, and you have hit yours." This always gives me comfort to think about. Heavenly Father does know us sooo well. Last night I was talking to my dad, and I have a soft spot for him. I started balling with concern for my babies. I love that he can comfort me so quickly. He has just a perfect, tender stillness about him, and it helps to calm my fears.

Now for the appointment. On the way, I was feeling okay. A little anxious, but overall pretty good. I still wasn't able to separate my anxieties from my actually feelings. Deep down I knew they were going to be healthy, but on the surface it was just easier to fall apart and freak out. (I seem to be good at over-analyzing and scaring myself!) Cody met me there and the nurse took us back. I have been having some pretty intense pulsing and so I told her about it. She was really concerned and kind of freaked me out a bit, to tell the truth! I have been taking it easier, but she wants me to really take it easy. Hard for me because I am go, go, go! But, we will just have to figure out how to cure that! I can still blog to my hearts content:) ha. They measured my cervix and so far so good, so that's a positive. Let's keep it that way!

We had a great tech who took tons of photos for us, both 3D and regular images. She asked us if we knew the sex, and we told her that Dr. R. had told us at 12 weeks, and was almost positive, but not completely, and asked her to double check. Dr. R. came in the room, so we started measuring.  Baby A looked great. Actually, more than great, 5 days ahead of schedule, in the 96th percentile. Nice, long, straight arms and legs, with head and tummy looking good so far, too.

At this point, tears began to fill my eyes. One healthy baby. One long-boned baby. One baby with no skeletal dysplasia. That was good, really good. But as quickly as I had tears of joy for him being healthy, real tears of worry started to come for the next baby. It is amazing the love and concern that I have for each of them. I don't normally notice feeling different love for them individually, because it is hard to understand that there are two babies in there. But, when I knew that one was okay, and was not sure about the other, I had very real feelings of two different, sweet children.  (I hope that made sense.)

To continue, baby A was a boy! Baby A is laying with his head on my right side, feet on my left side, horizontally. He is also on the bottom, being smashed by Baby B. Not really smashed, though. The fluid protects him so he doesn't even know that someone is laying right on top of him! Whew! ha.

Then to Baby B (whom we "thought" was a girl...). Measured the arms and legs, and both looked perfect. This was when the real relief came. All my crazy fears were washed away and I had tears of joy for both of my healthy, non skeletal-dysplasia children. (Now, don't get me wrong, I would 100% love and embrace a child/children with skeletal dysplasia, my fear is just that they would have a lethal form, like Warner, and then I would only get to love them for a little bit, until after this life, when I could then love them forever:) ) Okay, so healthy Baby B...and, the tech went to check the sex. Dr. R. asked us, what did I tell you the second baby was? We said, a girl. He got a big smile, and told us that it was a BOY! I was totally shocked, started laughing, and said, "Are you kidding?!?!". Nope! There is was, two boys! Crazy, crazy. We were all laughing, Cody, as always, looked like he had known all along. He said he had a feeling that there wasn't a girl in there! He was right. No girl, just boys!

Baby B is laying with his head on the left, feet on the right, horizontally. He gets to be on top the entire time, laying on his brother! The chances of the boys being identical is less than 10%, due to the fact that they have their own sacs and that the placenta seems to be separate. We will know for sure when they are born, I guess!

Now, we are elated that all is going well. However, we are still so cautious! I think this is something that will always be built in us with pregnancies. We have a long way to go until these boys are home with us, safe and sound. And, I know that each subsequent pregnancy I will be just as nervous as I was today. Of course, the likelihood that Warner's condition is not random is sooo small, especially now that these babies look as though they are growing well. But, I worry, worry, worry! It's my job I guess. We will just keep praying that things keep going well, keep our heads up and our faith strong.