Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mom Visits!

Talk about an amazing weekend. Man I love my mom! She was able to come visit over her Birthday, October 29 to November 1. It wasn't quite long enough for me...I loved having her here. I wish we could spend weekends together like that all the time. I can't wait for a couple of years from now when I can see her whenever I want to!
The first night that she came we headed to CRAVE...Cody and I's new favorite restaurant. We had some amazing food and even more amazing chats! Then we went to Red Mango...aka heaven on earth. We are 100% addicted to this place...if you ever have a chance to eat there, do it!
Saturday morning we went to a Diner, Drive-in, and Dive...Dixie Quicks. O MY YUM! It was sooo good, I pretty much had dessert for breakfast, obviously! It was french toast with banana, chocolate, and maple syrup. MMMM! Mom and Cody both got yummy meals too...I can't wait to go there again. Then we went and looked for lights for my parents house, and then to Whole Foods. This store is only the most amazing grocery store ever invented! My mom loved every single moment in this store. The picture at the top is us in front of the self-serve flax...hahahahahha. Love you mom.
Then it was off to the Pedestrian Bridge, lunch at Panara, yummy treats at Delice bakery (bought in advance for mom's birthday on Sunday), dinner at Chipotle (Sorry for the rub-it-in-your-face butt dial Dad), then we strolled around Target. Cody and I have to get our weekly Target visit in...we love that place...and it loves us! Then we went home and watched How to Train a Dragon...soooo cute!
Sunday was my mom's Birthday! I love spoiling her...she has spent almost 25 years spoiling me so it was fun to pay her back, if only for a day. I got up and made her a super delicious fritatta for breakfast, then we went to church. After we came home and went to the Gardens. Mom was in heaven! I loved walking around with her and listening to all of her knowledge about all the different trees and flowers. She knows so much! We made an O-so-Yummy dinner and just relaxed! She opened her and my dad's birthday present, and if I can say so myself, it rocked! (Dad got to open it again when she took it home!) It was a ton of work but it definitely paid off...
I deco-podged each member of our family's pictures on a block, and different scrapbook papers on each side of the blocks. Then sanded the edges and stained them, and this is the finished product!
My cute mom left on Monday morning and it was so sad! I wish she could have stayed for another week. I can hardly wait 5 more weeks until I get to see her, my dad, and my brother!