Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teach me how to....Holla

He definitely knows how to Holla! (Okay seriously, if you don't get that...we need to get you into the world of BYU/March Madness. Jimmer? Anyone? We are obsessed, basketball is on the TV 24/7. Too bad that my bracket is killing me. I DOMINATED last year and kicked about 50 peoples butt's, but no such luck this year!) ANYWAY, Cody rocks. He played in his first golf tourney of the year and won a flag prize. For those of you who have golfed with him, you won't be surprised to know that it was for Long Drive. He had a perfect drive right down the center of the fairway, and won this brand new Ping C1 Hoofer bag! He has been wanting this bag forever but his mean wife wouldn't let him get it because it is quite pricey! We can now put that *discussion* behind us. YAHOO! Keep winning stuff babes!

I have been keeping busy with making cakes! The one above I made for Ali's 2 year old, Anders. He loved hands cramped for about 2 weeks but it was so worth it! It was so fun to make it with Ali and to see how happy he was to have a Percy cake.

This was a Purse cake! I made it for the Relief Society Birthday party, the theme was the "Purse-suit of Happiness". It was a wonderful party and I had a blast making the cake with a friend, Marissa. I did all of the cake classes with her and we loved them! She is so fun!
 For the recipe CLICK HERE
(O, the flowers are made out of sliced marshmallows rolled in sugar and smashed...the rest is self-explanitory!)

Photography. I love it. I am slowly but surely improving and continuing to love every moment of it. I snapped a few shots as Cody and I were playing with the boys.

Cute Jane. She is 7 months old and can sit up now! She is so fun! She is always my test dummy for pictures, and she is a perfect model. To see more pictures of these cute kids,

In other news...tomorrow is Cody's first patient! I can't even believe that I am writing this. These first two years have flown by, and now he is about to become a Dr.! May 7 is the official day that he begins to take patients on a daily basis, but tomorrow he gets to do a filling on a real person. Numb them and everything! He is going to do great.
I am working my butt off in the salon! It is great...I even got a shampoo bowl installed so I am super official now. I love doing it and it is definitely keeping me busy. On top of my oral surgery job, I feel like I am working 6 days a week! It is good though...busy is always better...except not really for the blog, I have really been slacking, sorry! Hopefully more updates soon...!

I just saw this picture on my Sister's blog. I love my little Meg-ster. I made this Tutu for her for her birthday, and it was so worth it! It was super easy to make, and seriously, could she look any CUTER in it?!?!