Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finals are over. We have Cody for a whole week! (Well, he has patients Monday and Tuesday but that's it.) I can't wait to hang with my hubbs!

Friday, April 27, 2012

They came to visit!

O my mom. What on EARTH am I gonna do without her? No really, it has been 3 days now since she left, and it feels so empty here without her. It was so fun to always have someone to chat with, 24 hours a day, even at the 3 am feedings! She was an angel. Literally. She loves these  boys so so so much. Watching her help with the boys made me feel so spoiled! She is the best mom ever! She was so tender and loving, always jumping to the boys (and my:)) every need. It is definitely a busier household around here without her. I keep asking when she is coming back...I could use the extra hands! And the extra love and fun chats from her end! I love you mom, you are amazing, there is no way I could have learned to take care of them without you being here for me. Keep your phone on you, there will be many calls a day!
They came to visit the boys! And me and Cody, of course:) When the boys were 2.5 weeks old, my dad
and brother flew out to meet the new additions. It was so much fun to see these little babies in such big
arms! Dad loved cuddling with them and that was so fun for me to see.  
We did quite a few things when the boys were here, one of which was a zoo trip! It was pretty fun, the boys liked being pushed everywhere by grandpa. 
These boys carried the carseats and pushed the stroller everywhere for me, I am hoping they come back when the boys weigh too much for me to lug around! I loved hanging with Nate. I feel like we rarely see each other so it was a blast to hang for a weekend. 
Below is the rock star herself. She is amazing. I love you and miss you. We can't wait to see you all again soooooooon!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Times Two.

Staring at my boys sleeping in the crib. Their noses are 1 inch apart, their arms twisted together. I'm in love. Times two.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 weeks

Every time I look at my precious boys I can't believe they were both smashed inside of me not too long ago.
As they grow more every day it seems just a distant memory having the squirm and hiccup in my tummy. They still get hiccups at the same time and it cracks me up knowing that they were in sync in my belly, and they still are!
They have been super babies. They eat, they play, they sleep. Thank heavens for my mom. She wakes me up at night to feed them, then tenderly rocks them until they are content enough to go to sleep. We have had good nights and bad nights, mostly because of Barrett. He really likes to hang out with grandma after the 2am feeding:) If she wasn't so dang nice maybe he would rather just lay in his crib! hehe. Last night they slept for 4 hour stretches 2 different times, yay! I feel extremely refreshed today, a feeling I haven't had in, o, about 9 months and 2 weeks! haha.
I can't believe how amazing of a mom I have. She tends to the boys' every need without a question. I feel like I have flashbacks to when I was a baby...and realize how much she loved me then, treated me like a princess, and she still does that today. She will have been here for 16 days to help with the boys, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is such a joy in my life. Honestly, she is interested in anything and everything that surrounds her, and it makes life so much more fun! I need to be more like my sweet momma.
This weekend my brother and dad are flying in. I can't wait to see these little boys in their big, big arms. It will be so sweet.
Wow. WOW. Babies have to eat. Often. Like I can't believe how much time I spend planted on the couch or in my perfect rocking chair feeding my boys! Missy told me she just loves feeding in the middle of the night and having her kiddos big eyes stare up at her. She can feel how close they are to the veil, and knows that they remember their time before they came to earth. I have begun to think that at night now, too. I love to have those sweet moments with the boys.

Barrett tucks his lower lip in. It is adorable. He has recently found his fingers to suck on and I love that. He gets a little more attention than Dax because he is a little more fussy. It makes me miss Dax sometimes. I have been trying to cuddle Dax whenever I can so he still feels the love:)

Dax loves his hands. They are always by his face, always. He smiles at us at least 10 times a day and it is pure joy. He is still the smaller guy, but I can see in his little fingers that he is putting on ounces where he can!
Cody is a trooper. A major trooper. 6 finals this week, 4 next week, and about 1 million patients to see in between. He comes home and just wants to love the boys. I can't wait for 1.5 weeks from now when it is CAREFREE summer time! It will be so nice to have him here more often, with his nose not shoved in a book! He has been whipping up dinner for us almost every night, and it has been delightful! Homemade gnocchi, steak filet, his amazing burgers, chicken dishes and all sorts of other fun stuff. Hopefully soon I will start whipping up dinner for him!
Everything is amazing here. Sleepless, lots of work, lots of poop, double the changing/bathing/loving/kissing, but amazing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dax and Barrett

Alright folks, they made their arrival! Stats:
Name: Dax Cody Winterholler
Date of Birth: April 4, 2012
Time: 9:45am
Weight: 5.0 lbs.
Height: 18.5 inches
Born at 38 weeks

Name: Barrett Joel Winterholler
Date of Birth: April 4, 2012
Time: 9:46am
Weight: 5 lbs. 12 oz.
Height 19 inches
Born at 38 weeks

Let me just start with LOVE. We are so in love. We feel so blessed. Honestly, we can't even believe that they are ours. It is so overwhelming to know that our Heavenly Father trusts us with these two boys. I haven't cried of frustration, (yet) but I have cried of JOY. It is amazing the joy that has been brought into our home. Cody loves them. He was so so sad to go to school on Monday. When he got home he just wanted to hug them and love them! Barrett REALLY likes to be held, and that makes Cody love him even more:) Daddy loves to just rock the boys all the time. And believe me, they love it. They don't make a peep in daddy's arms!
Delivery day was great. Believe it or not, I had the exact same nurse as I did on the day of Warner's delivery. This was a miracle. She was the 2nd on call nurse and just happened to be working that day and just happened to be assigned to us. She said when she saw our names she just bursted into tears. When I walked into labor and delivery and saw Jody I literally jumped (yes 9 months pregnant!) in the air and gave her a hug. She is the most amazing nurse, AMAZING. It was such a blast from the past sitting and getting my spinal block while she was holding my hand. I cry just thinking about it. I love her! She took amazing care of us.
We got all prepped for surgery, then headed to the operating room. My OB, the anesthesiologist, 1 nurse for each baby, and assistant surgeon, and a student were all in the room. All of the Dr.'s were awesome. the anesthesiologist was out of this world! Constantly checking on me and chatting with me. It was such a happy room.
I feel like it took a while to get Dax out, probably because I was so excited! They took him out and peeked him over the curtain, and immediately I was like, "That's Dax." I just knew that was his name right away! We had debated so much so it was nice to have that revelation:) At first he didn't make a peep until they got him to the baby station, but then he screamed and screamed! O how I loved that noise! He literally came out wanting to eat, so I was so excited to breastfeed him!
Then there was soooo much pushing and pulling. It kind of made me sick! Not actually sick, just uncomfortable. Within 1 minute, Barrett was out. He didn't waste andy time and screamed and screamed and screamed! (He is still the noisy one now, at 6 days...must be a sign!) Cody went over and took some photos, which I need to upload off of his phone. Those will come soon! Both boys were screaming like mad.
I was so surprised when they said that Dax only weighed 5 lbs! I thought he would be so much bigger from the ultrasound measurements...guess it is good they stayed in there for 38 weeks! Barrett looked chubbier so I knew he would be a bit closer to 6 lbs. But I was surprised that they were both so tiny. Holding them both at the same time, I am glad they aren't 10 lbs. a piece! That would be hard work! (or will be!)
When I looked at both my boys being cleaned up I was so overwhelmed with joy. I bursted into tears at the love I felt from our heavenly father. O how I knew that Warner was looking down on us at that very moment. He probably had some tears too, for he just said goodbye to his brothers for a while! I can't wait to all be together again after this life! We do feel like a family of 5! Whew that is crazy to say.
We got wheeled into recovery and they continued to check the boys. Barrett's blood sugar was a little low so Cody gave him a bottle right away. It boosted quickly so that was his one and only bottle thus far. Both boys looked great so I just held and cuddled with them and loved every second.
We then got changed to another postpartum room and began our life as parents of twins! O my amazing husband. Seriously I can't even tell you how good he is at this. He is a total natural. So patient, so loving. I didn't even change a diaper until we got home from the hospital. He just took care of all 3 of us 24/7. What a man. The boys love love love just rocking with their daddy in a recliner. And Cody loves it just as much as they do! He can't get enough of them. He is such an amazing man. I can't believe I get to have him! I am so in love with my husband, and this week just made it even better.
For the next 4 days, well, we fed, slept, changed diapers, and, um, did it again! The first day I nursed 1 baby at a time. THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG! It would take each of them 45 minutes to eat, so by the time I was done I could sleep for 30 minutes to an hour, then get ready to feed them again. I jumped on the opportunity to tandem breastfeed, and it worked! Thank heavens! I feel like a cow, seriously, but who cares! Less feeding time equals more sleep, and, well, I like to sleep. Cody was a pro helper, I think he could pretty much be a lactation consultant by this time. Really, he worked just as hard as I did to feed these boys!
Dax honestly loves to eat. He is a pro, and pretty much does it all on his own. Good thing, because Barrett is the opposite! He needs lots and lots of attention. He would rather sleep than eat, unfortunately. He just couldn't get the hang of it and lost 8 ounces in the first couple of days. After that, something clicked and he gained 2 oz. in 1 day. Go him! He is still really hard to get started, and I have to pay attention to him the entire time, but he is eating, and well. Thanks, Dax, For just feeding yourself over there while Bear gets all the attention:)
At their 1 week appt...
Dax: 5 lbs. 1 oz.
Barrett 5 lbs. 6 oz.
So, Dax has gained 3 oz. since we left the hospital and Barrett has gained 2 oz.! They are both doing great!

My mom got here last Sat, the 7th. She has been on the night shift and it is amazing how much of a help she is. We think she should just move here for good... hehe!
A friend came and did the boys newborn photos, and I can't way to see them! The boys were soooo good and she did so great. Yay for photos! I have been taking 1 photo each day and I will start posting them on my photography blog. Need a little more time first:) hehe.
Overall this is going great and we are loving every single minute of our lives! Can't wait for the weekend so daddy is back at home with us all day! Enjoy the plethora of pictures!

Me and Barrett right after delivery

Barrett's first bath

Proud Daddy with Dax

Dax's first Bath

Barrett being cute

Getting ready to give Barrett a hickey...seriously Dax sucked on his forehead!

First family picture on Cody's birthday, April 6th!

Dax just chilling

This is how Cody holds them, they LOVE it.

Someone's cute feet

Going home


Dax sucking on Bro's head


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ready or they come!

It is here. Holy Moly it is finally here. We have waited so long to have sweet babies to hold in our arms, I can't believe that tomorrow is the day. So many things are going through my head.
Change. What a change. It has been Cody and I (and Warner:)) for almost 5 years. Welcoming these 2 boys will make us a family of 5. All in an instant our nightly routines and daily lives will forever be changed. It is scary to think of it that way. Thank heavens we know that it is only a change for the better. So many trials lie ahead, but these trials will come with joys beyond explanation.
I can't wait to hear screaming in the hospital room just 12 short hours from now. Warner never spoke, not even a whimper. Just short breaths were all he was able to give us. O how I look forward to those screams.
Family. I want to see our parents, our siblings, loving and cuddling these boys as much as we do. Especially my brother and dad. I can't wait to see their eyes light up when they meet them for the first time.
The hair. I look forward to seeing their hair! I want to know if they will have dark or light, curly or straight...although I am pretty sure it will be dark and curly.
Cody as a daddy. O I love those words. It was amazing to see him with Warner, and I can't wait to see him holding our two boys tomorrow. He has been way more impatient with this pregnancy than I have. He is SO ready to be a daddy. I will miss his tummy rubs, his constant attention to me. But the love between us will grow so much knowing that we have added these bundles to our eternal family.
Most of all, I can't wait for those sweet feelings to return to me. I felt so much love for Warner in the short time we got to spend with him. I am beyond ready to have those loving, adoring, eternal feelings with these little boys.

O...and they couldn't have chosen a better weekend to arrive. It is Cody's birthday on the 6th, and the Masters Golf tourney is on ALL weekend. Cody is in heaven.