Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Vaca

Our vacation this summer was MUCH needed. The past few months have been crazy with Cody studying for his board exam...which he PASSED! YAY! It was so, so fun to get the letter in the mail and see those four letters, pass. What a relief! He got it a few days before we left for Montana, so it was perfect timing.
We flew out to Montana late on Friday night, and we got to see my parents finished house! (well, Cody got to see it, I had seen it a few months ago). The next morning I got up early so I could visit my cousin Katie and her new baby girl, Lucy, who had just been born 4 days before I arrived! Great timing, Lucy! We only hung out for less than an hour because I had to get back to drive with Cody's family to Island Park, Idaho for a family reunion.

The entire clan made it! It was such a great reunion. We had not seen some of Cody's siblings and their kids for over 2 years! Everyone has changed so much, and all gotten even cuter than before. We all stayed in one cabin on the lake. It was quite the crazy house! The kitchen was stocked, clothes, swimsuits, and shoes were strewn everywhere, and there was always some action to find. We had a blast and we are already planning on doing it next year, too!

Cody and I on the dock at was so beautiful. He attempted fishing, but no luck!

MUDDIN! We rented 4 wheelers and Rhino ATV's and drove through the mountains ALL DAY. Cody pretty much loved it. Talk about a puddle! It looks more like a lake to me!

Wild man with his beard. He grew this out forever....beaming pride. Hehe.

Part of the reason that I had so much fun at the cabin was because of these boys! I miss them living across the street from us more than you can even imagine. It was so awesome to have them run up to me and give me the biggest hugs ever, read them books, and just chat with them. They rule.

This is baby HOLT! O man, I cuddled with him all week. I could barely put him down. He is a perfect angel baby. I miss him so much already.

The lake! Our cabin was right on the lake, and we couldn't stay away. The kids were constantly jumping on the boat or jet ski...if they could find all of the grown men for it!

Love this goofball.

One night we went into West Yellowstone to see a play at Playmill Theatre. When I was a kid, I attended quite a few plays here and loved them. We went to High School Musical. Unfortunately, it was kind of a let down! But, we still had fun spending time with those who went with us! Side note: It was so great to hang with all of my sister in law's. They are such amazing women and they make me laugh, cry, and just appreciate life. I love you girls!

We took some family pictures...just had to throw this one in there, it is pretty cute!

After the Vaca to Island Park, we drove back to billings and spent time with my awesome parents! It was weird to stay at their house, we have never been home since we have been married when we could actually sleep at my parents house! One of my siblings would always beat us to it! So, it was fun to spend time with them. We kinda just hung out! Shopped for the house, ate DELISH food that my momma made, and my favorite, we went to the Farmer's Market!

This market BLOWS AWAY other farmer's markets. It is like 4 blocks long, and just packed with delicious vendors. I could spend all morning, (and alot of money!) at this market.

Cute mom and Cody. I miss my momma! I can't wait to move back and go to the market with her every week. Not too long...just 2 years! Actually more like 20 months...