Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catch Up

(Gotta love the pictures where the table is the photographer...we have way too many of these!)

Ah. Where to begin? I know it has been a while since I posted...alot has gone on, and at the same time, nothing at all has happened! (Yeah, I know, that made no sense, sorry.) The pictures in this post are all from December 2010 but they are pretty randomly placed. Last time I posted was beginning of November, so since then...

Cody finished the most killer semester yet of Dental School. I couldn't believe how hard he worked. He even got to work on his first! He cleaned my teeth and did a beautiful job. He never poked or hurt me once! (The hygenist that checked his work, on the other hand, was BRUTAL. I was seriously almost in tears. She was horrible. I will never, ever let her near my mouth again. Ever.) This semester seems to be a lot more lab work for Cody. Lab work is great because he is learning actual skills instead of just reading about them! It is alot more pressure though...less than 4 months and he is into the clinic, working on real patients. Man time flies. I can't even believe he is almost 1/2 done with dental school. We will be back in B-Town before we know it.

Me, me, me. Huh. I pretty much feel like I am just working and coming home from work to do hair...aka more work. Good thing I love to do hair because it is getting crazy around here!  I feel so busy all of the time but that is great. I love to be busy. I guess the highlight of my life right now is Friday night which is date night. I love it. Our weeks seem to fly by so fast so it is great to know that we always, no matter what, go on a date on Friday. (Okay, so this week was the exception, we did it on Tuesday because Friday is our Ward Chili Cook Off. Cody is gonna rock it.)

(Me and the bro. I loved hanging with him over break. He's a pretty big deal, or so he told me...!)

Christmas break was great. I was able to get a few days off of work so we went home for 9 days! It was the perfect length to visit for. I love the fam, but I really love my bed, too! We didn't do much but chat with family and get spoiled to death! We did have a gingerbread house party...which was quite entertaining. Nate's house was all about snowmobiling-go figure! Mom's was a masterpiece, and Cody's and I's, well...not so amazing. We did have fun though! As always, I pretty much got a ton of kitchen loot. That is what makes me happiest right now though, so that makes sense! I scored a ton of really amazing, beautiful kitchen things that I never would have bought for myself so it was great. Along with some clothes, nintendo games, movies, giftcards, books, etc. We made out pretty stinking well!

(Dane, Whitney, Brevin, Jace, Halle)

Seriously? How stinking cute are these kids? I hope our kids can live up to them someday! We had such a great time playing with our nieces and nephews. Brevin had a birthday while we were home and who better to celebrate it with than the entire family! (well, almost...) He scored big time with the usually Cars and Thomas stuff. He is getting so big, it is crazy. My bday was wonderful, too. Cody got me super hott jeans :), Pioneer Woman's new cookbook (which I L.O.V.E.), and New Moon. I lucked out with an awesome gift giver of a husband!

(Dan, Katie, Me, and Cody at the Christmas Eve party at Grandma's house.)

I am super duper excited because awesome Katie is flying to see me in just two days! I can't even tell you how happy I am. For the past couple of years we have only been able to spend an hour here, and hour there, together...usually at the holidays. We were torn between families and eachother, and it stinks! Especially after being inseparable for 20-some years! So, we are going to have blast. We will take lots of pics so that we can each share our eventful party-ing on our blogs! ha!

(My adorable mom and me.)

Momma, o Momma. I miss you. (Now you can see how awesome her gingerbread house was...) Can't wait to spend a ton more time with her in a couple of years!

(The parental's new kitchen!! Yahoo! Finally!)

My parents are moving into their new! Yahoo! It was so close to being done at Christmas but not quite live-able yet. So...they are now in their beautiful home that they planned and built and did everything on! They worked together pretty good I think...and it turned out AMAZING. I love it. love it. love it. Can't wait to see the real like 8 months...sad...seriously?! Sad.

(Teddy (with brown hair!!!), me, and Ali)

Man I missed these two over Christmas break! Teddy was gone for 3 weeks, and Ali for 2.5 weeks, I was so lonely! We have got some good time in since they have been home though. This was pizza night...the boys were there, just in anti-picture mood. We also got to spend a girls night together last Saturday and it was soooo fun. We headed to the mall and shopped-it-up! We all ended up getting a thing or two, which makes the trip so much better. Then we went to Panara AND Red Mango! (Probably didn't tell the boys that on I shouldn't have posted it on the web...o well.)

(Cody, Brevin, Jace)

Had to end with this picture. It makes me smile just looking at them laughing their heads off.