Sunday, June 28, 2009

2nd Anniversary!

We had the most amazing anniversary this year! Cody suprised me on the 22nd by giving me an envelope that included a map through the Beartooths and Yellowstone National Park, hotel reservations in Jackson Hole, WY, whitewater rafting passes, and tickets to Grease at the Playhouse in Jackson. O my gosh I was so excited! The views were absolutely amazing.
We spent about 10 hours driving to Jackson, I think that going through the Beartooth Mountains was my favorite. We probably stopped 8 times in the Beartooths alone! We got to our hotel at about 8:00 pm and had the nicest dinner at an Italian restraunt. I had homemade DIE for! Cody got a delicious fire-cooked pizza and we also had the best lemon tarte ever made. Not to mention the delicious sourdough bread as an I have to find some way to master that recipe, Cody is addicted!
The next day we got up and went white water rafting. It was a perfect 75 degrees, and, of course, I forgot the camera! (I figured it would be a pretty crappy idea to take a real camera on a river, anyway!) Cody and I sat in the very front of the boat and got drenched on every single rapid. We had such a blast and can't wait to go on bigger rapids someday!
Then we headed back to our AWESOME hotel and got ready to go to GREASE! It was so much fun, I am absolutely obsessed with that movie. It was a perfect end to an awesome day.

Can you guess where the picture above was taken? Okay, so in every single other persons photo journal of their trip to Yellowstone, they will have a picture WITH Old Faithful, right? Well, because of the somewhat sketch lady who took this picture for us, we can only tell you that we WERE at Old Faithful. She just happened to miss the whole, "Make sure that the fountain is in the picture with us, Okay?????"
Thank you, thank you for such an amazing surprise for our 2nd Anny, babe! (I don't know how this one will be topped...better start thinking!)

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Monday, June 22, 2009

58 What?!!?! Tribute to the Studs...

Yep, these men are amazing. My pops, Uncle Joel, my cousin Payton, and Cody golfed in the "Beat the Flakes" Golf tourney last weekend and did so good! It was a scramble, and the boys golfed a 58! That is so amazing! They all contributed and ended out with 3 flag prizes...Glen Campbell Tickets(which my mom and pops attended and LOVED), Mustang tickets (which Cody and I plan to use in the coming weeks), and a shirt and hat (Payton is going to sport his hat the next time he takes his hunting gun on the golf course, and Joel can now replace his PINK nailissimo shirt with his new Pella shirt!). They all made out pretty well! (Not to mention that we are pretty sure Joel and Payton won the grand prize, a trip to Big Sky, and just "FORGOT" to fill their team in...hmmmmm.....)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Me and Hubbs....

Click on the link below to see me and hubbs (that is totally incorrect grammar, I know, I know!) recent photoshoot! I was so excited when I moved back to Billings and Heather Mosser contacted me about taking her family pictures. She is a photographer as well, so I suggested that we trade...and she agreed! I was anxious to have some urban pictures taken of Cody and I, and have been scouting out the exact pictures and places in B-town. Heather did the perfect job of capturing what I was looking for, and I hope that I can do the same for her when we do her family this upcoming week! (P.S. I am blowing up one of the pictures to put on a canvas in our new house...once I narrow it down I will put up a vote for which one it should be!)