Monday, September 30, 2013


Loving my boys right now. I wish that I could freeze them in time! They are so fun. The bottom pictures are after a Mac and Cheese dinner...they love their Mac and Cheese, just like their momma!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sometimes I go crazy. Like right now, the boys are switching from 2 to 1 nap. Holy roller coaster of emotions from...well, me and Dax. Barrett pretty much goes with the flow, unless someone bothers him. Then he will throw a fit, but nothing like the "I demand attention at all times Dax". Sounds like me, I know. I am raising a mini, yet still dramatic, me.
Today they boys threw all of their dry cereal on the floor. Guess what? I left it. Not so much my personality. Honestly its kind of killing me that the kitchen floor is dirty while I sit here and type. I should get up. But this is more fun.
Anyway, as this pregnancy is nearing an end I am losing my patience more, disciplining less, all while trying to cherish every moment. I am getting kisses right and left from the 2 sweetest boys (okay 3), reading books all day long with them fighting over my lap, juggling little Mr. give me attention Dax while trying to pay just as much attention to the boy who could care less, Barrett. The right before nap cuddles on my shoulder I want to last for hours, but that would make the other jealous. I have trained my boys to go to sleep all on their own, and it is sooooo nice. Such a blessing, but at the same time I would die to have them fall asleep in my arms just once before the baby comes. They are so big. I just want to stare at their perfect sleeping faces all night!
Done with the rambling, Here are the cutie pies.