Thursday, January 26, 2012


O the blog has been abandoned, and I imagine it will only get worse! I try to think of fun updates, but we are pretty stinking chill right now! Cody is a stud, SO busy at school and studying a ton when he is home, too. Tests right and left, and he is getting new patients every day. It is so fun to hear about the new surgeries he is learning every day when he comes home. I wish there were no tests, though:) haha that would be great!

We still get to hang out quite often. We are totally addicted to Monopoly Deal and Quirkle. Serioulsy, they are both such fun games. It keeps me sane playing a game or two at night. I would be happier if I won all of the time...but at least our chances are 50%! And of course, we still have our friday night dates. I look forward to them all week. I am uncomfortable in various ways, so they have changed to quicker meals and easy-to-digest meals, but they are still a date none the less! I just love my hubs, so glad I have him to, well, do everything in life with!

The boys...they are doing so great. No photos this week-no one wanted to cooperate. 28 weeks...just 8-ish weeks to go! That is pretty crazy to hear, write, and say. They are 2 lbs. 7 oz. and 2 lb. 11 oz. and around 16 inches long! Wow! That is getting big, and yet, so small. They still need to double in weight for this momma to completely happy! They are active as ever, and for the most part I can tell the difference between who is kicking/punching/hiccuping etc. For the most part I don't think they bug each other too often, but here and there they are definitely judo chopping one another!

Me. Doing great emotionally! I can't wait to meet these little guys. Physically my body is getting pretty tired, so I do my fair share of resting during the day. 1 hour up, 1 hour down seems to be a good idea for me most days. Other days, I do too much, and by mid-afternoon I am hurting! Then the next day I am down for the count. I just have to remember up, down, up down! I am staying sane by organizing the heck out of our house, chatting with friends, lunch dates, reading, reading, and reading, computer and tv. I feel pretty productive still, but I am sure as these boys get bigger I will slow down more and more. My lightheaded/fainting issues haven't been quite as bad the last couple of weeks...except I had an episode during a church class...that wasn't embarrassing at all! ha! It was horrible! But no worries, everyone is fine. Most importantly, I am just trying not to worry about these little guys getting her safe and sound. I know I will worry about them for the next 80 years, but I am just excited for them to actually be HERE. Usually I don't freak out too much, but because of sweet Warner I am just so anxious to have these boys healthy and in my arms. I am ready to cuddle them. Whenever I worry, they instantly bump me and tell me that everything is going to be fine...what a tender mercy. They are bumping me now as I type this. I love them so much already, it is unreal. I love nighttime when both Cody and I can feel their every move. We just seem so complete with them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

25 Weeks

25 weeks, I can't believe it. Okay, so I can believe it. My Dr. said to me the other day, "So, how does it feel to be pregnant for 2 straight years?" Whew. That is a long time! But, so worth it to get blessed with sweet Warner, and now these 2 little boys!

This appointment was really fun. It is always better when Cody is able to go with me, it makes it feel more real. The boys were both doing great, just looking perfectly at the camera for us! Go boys!

Baby B is the baby on top. What a perfect picture, right?!?! I love his little lips. I can't believe how real he looks in this ultrasound picture. I can't wait to meet him! He is 1 lb. 13 oz. which is a great weight for a single baby, let alone twins! Yay! His right foot was all the way up by his head! Hopefully he is comfy:) He has a little more room than Baby A, since he is on top.

Baby A is on the bottom, smashed way too low for my comfort:) He is doing good down there, though, also weighing in a 1 lb. 13 oz.! They are twins that's for sure. He kept opening and closing his mouth during the ultrasound, so that was fun. Cute baby boys, growing wonderfully, I can't wait to meet them! Okay, I can wait at least 10 more weeks, actually:)

I am hanging in there, definitely feeling pregnant with twins. This pregnancy is so much different than with Warner, a lot harder on my body that is for sure. Lots of rest helps, but it might be a long few months. It is so worth it though. Keep growing boys!

This is our nursery chair. We got an amazing deal on it, and it is exactly what I wanted! It is going to get hours and hours of use over then next 10 years, that is for sure! I even catch myself just sitting in it now it is so comfortable! We also scored on the rug, it is light blue with gray stripes. It is plush and perfect! I can't wait to rock the babies in their room!

Dun, Dun, Dun, that is almost 4 pounds of baby(ies) in that belly...only 6-8 more pounds to add! Haha. I can't even imagine it. I am excited to see how big it gets, excited to feel the babies when they are that big, and not so excited to feel how it feels to grow that big:) But whatever it takes to get these boys here!

The best Baby Shower EVER!

Seriously, where do I begin? My sister is amazing! She planned the perfect shower for the boys and I. She invited wonderful people, had amazing decorations, outstanding food, and was the best host ever invented. Really, she is the best party planner, and an even better sister. I am soooo lucky to have her, and to have our babies due the exact same day! My boys will love playing with her baby girl I am sure. Thank you a million times, Amanda! And mom, your house and hard work helped so much. You two women are rock stars in my book!

We had homemade cake balls-3 flavors...they are heaven on earth. Perfect souffl├ęs, Asian salad that is to die for, and cute Katie brought fresh fruit skewers! I ate way too much, and everyone else did, too:)

Carrie, me and Katie. I loved having so many friends and family there to celebrate with us!

The Winterholler clan! I can't believe how lucky I am to have married into such a great family. We have so much fun and feel so loved by them!

My sister had me wear this cute tag the entire shower-I thought it was pretty creative! These boys better listen and stay in there until the date on the tag!
It is still so unreal that we are getting blessed with these two sweet baby boys. The amazing shower helped bring it to life a little bit, especially bringing the loot home and unloading it all! Our house is a mess! I am so thankful to all of the people who came and showed their love to us at the shower, and all of those who constantly keep us in their prayers. It helps so much to have the support of everyone around us, and I am sure  we can take the prayers for the next few months...or years! We can't wait to meet these little guys!

Christmas 2011

O Christmas, it was so fun to go home and spend time with the family! We were on the go a lot (more than I desired to be:)) but it was so much fun. We hit up all of our favorite restaurants, hung with our friends, played Quirkle with the fam over and over, and just loved our time in B-town! Cody's parents are moving so he spent quite a bit of time helping to organize for their big move. We are happy because they are moving across town-hopefully just a few minutes from where we will be living! Below is the only picture I got of Cody and I-it is a great one though!

Christmas morning we spent with the Winterholler clan. It was such a blast. Aaron, Erika, and the boys were there and it made me realize just how much I miss them living in Omaha. I couldn't believe how adorable and BIG the boys have gotten since we saw them last. I loved my 20 second hugs from Brevin, watching Jace read words and cuddling with him, and having my arms get tired from holding mr. Holt! He is a big, happy boy! Cody's dad got him a hand gun...dun, dun, dun...I might have started crying when he opened it! Oops! It was so nice of him to buy it for him, and Cody was super excited about getting it.

After church on Christmas day we headed to my house. We had a way-too-long present opening session, and for the last present of all-NERF guns! I was much happier about this plastic gun than Cody's real one! haha. It was such a blast! The boys were running around the house, building barricades for hours and hours. We will totally be instituting this as a tradition in our home.

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Stott's house. It was a really special reading of Christ's birth this year, because Cody gave them a present of a new program for each person to read off of! He did such an amazing job-the programs are beautiful. We had a wonderful evening, as always.

My sis and I are due the EXACT SAME DAY with our babies! Is that crazy or what? We are so excited to have kiddos the same age. I couldn't love her anymore if I tried!