Thursday, January 26, 2012


O the blog has been abandoned, and I imagine it will only get worse! I try to think of fun updates, but we are pretty stinking chill right now! Cody is a stud, SO busy at school and studying a ton when he is home, too. Tests right and left, and he is getting new patients every day. It is so fun to hear about the new surgeries he is learning every day when he comes home. I wish there were no tests, though:) haha that would be great!

We still get to hang out quite often. We are totally addicted to Monopoly Deal and Quirkle. Serioulsy, they are both such fun games. It keeps me sane playing a game or two at night. I would be happier if I won all of the time...but at least our chances are 50%! And of course, we still have our friday night dates. I look forward to them all week. I am uncomfortable in various ways, so they have changed to quicker meals and easy-to-digest meals, but they are still a date none the less! I just love my hubs, so glad I have him to, well, do everything in life with!

The boys...they are doing so great. No photos this week-no one wanted to cooperate. 28 weeks...just 8-ish weeks to go! That is pretty crazy to hear, write, and say. They are 2 lbs. 7 oz. and 2 lb. 11 oz. and around 16 inches long! Wow! That is getting big, and yet, so small. They still need to double in weight for this momma to completely happy! They are active as ever, and for the most part I can tell the difference between who is kicking/punching/hiccuping etc. For the most part I don't think they bug each other too often, but here and there they are definitely judo chopping one another!

Me. Doing great emotionally! I can't wait to meet these little guys. Physically my body is getting pretty tired, so I do my fair share of resting during the day. 1 hour up, 1 hour down seems to be a good idea for me most days. Other days, I do too much, and by mid-afternoon I am hurting! Then the next day I am down for the count. I just have to remember up, down, up down! I am staying sane by organizing the heck out of our house, chatting with friends, lunch dates, reading, reading, and reading, computer and tv. I feel pretty productive still, but I am sure as these boys get bigger I will slow down more and more. My lightheaded/fainting issues haven't been quite as bad the last couple of weeks...except I had an episode during a church class...that wasn't embarrassing at all! ha! It was horrible! But no worries, everyone is fine. Most importantly, I am just trying not to worry about these little guys getting her safe and sound. I know I will worry about them for the next 80 years, but I am just excited for them to actually be HERE. Usually I don't freak out too much, but because of sweet Warner I am just so anxious to have these boys healthy and in my arms. I am ready to cuddle them. Whenever I worry, they instantly bump me and tell me that everything is going to be fine...what a tender mercy. They are bumping me now as I type this. I love them so much already, it is unreal. I love nighttime when both Cody and I can feel their every move. We just seem so complete with them.


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Glad to hear you are feeling well and your twins continue to grow! God bless you!

Marjie said... earlier comment did not post...
pain. Thanks for this happy post-I really enjoyed it as always. It will be such a joy to hold both of these sweet baby boys! love you.

Barratt Family said...

what a uplifting post! i love reading your blog! i can't wait to meet those boys either!