Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in MT

Well, are all of you wondering if we EVER made it to Montana? I am sure you have been checking our blog multiple times a day just to find out...hehe! We  did, barely. I can't believe how long it took to pack! INSANE. I was definitely the world's grumpiest wife for an entire week...we are still married though so I must not have been that bad! Basically, I never want to move again, wait, we are moving again in 6 weeks, crap. There goes that goal! 
We really are happy to be in Montana, though. Cody's parents generously took us in again, and we are visiting my parents constantly. I know I am going to miss them all so much when we leave! We have pretty much been doing, well, nothing! A little golfing, visiting the extended family, a little shopping, some movie watching, eating is like a summer break when I was 14, before I could work! Of course, we have eaten at both Z Pizza and MacKenzie River...delicious as always. 
We saw Star Trek on Wednesday...I know, I know. Don't judge me. I was definitely skeptical...but it was so dang good! I really liked it! I have never seen any Star Trek movies before because, well, they look lame. I thought the story was a little to sci-fi for me, but Cody loved every minute. I would recommend seeing it over any other movies in the theaters right now. So, what are you doing tonight? Maybe going to STAR TREK!?!?!!? (Come to think of it...maybe we will go again!)
We are also trying like crazy to get everything in order for our move to Nebraska...working on student loans, finding the cheapest rates for car and health insurance, etc. We switched our car insurance to Geico...yes, we jumped on the bandwagon. For good reason though; we are paying for TWO cars in Nebraska the same rate that we pay for ONE car in Utah! Is that crazy! Thank you Nebraska for being so stinking cheap to survive in your state! More updates later....!