Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boring post

Hmm...time for an update, huh? It is finally nice here, about 50 degrees most days, and we are actually seeing the sun! HALLELUJAH! I seriously think we had 4 months with no sun. This week is supposed to be in the 70's, and I can't wait. (Too bad I have to work! Even though I am not quite sure what else I would do!) We have been spending the last few nights outside watching Aaron and Erika's boys run around, so that has been fun. I am so happy that it is BBQ weather, it is fun to see everyone going for walks and chatting outside.
This week was pretty brutal for Cody...he had 3 HUGE exams, so he was pretty non-existent around the house. (He has been studying at home rather than at school though; so even though he is busy, it is nice to be in the same house with him!) He is anxious for the summer to come. He has a break May 7-May 31 and July 16-August 10. (or around those dates). He is planning on trying to find a job at the dental school to pic up some extra kwan so that he can go golfing as much as possible! There are quite a few nice courses in Omaha, as well as many within a few hours of here. Hopefully he can get alot of time in this summer, because after this summer he doesn't really have a break for the next 3 years. He is really excited about BBQ weather too, our BBQ is pretty awesome and he is getting all into it...last week we bought him a tenderizer and
we are constantly looking at new gadgets to purchase to make his BBQ-ing more eventful.
March Madness had been, well, a BLAST in our home. For those of you in the STOTT Bracket, yes, I am KICKING BUTT. Seriously, even before the sweet 16 there was no way that I could lose! My dad has been calling me pretty much every day to update me on how much I am STILL winning by! It has been a blast...I will have to let you all in on my secret way of picking winning teams...but maybe not for 10 or 15 years. It is fun rubbing it in all of my Uncle's/Dad faces (who think they are know-it-all's of bball!! Ha!
My bro, Nate, got shoulder surgery this past he is a trooper! He went in to get a artroscopic(sp?) surgery and came out with 3 pins in his shoulder! The doctor told him that he doesn't know how he has even been living with his shoulder torn up as bad as it was. He is tough, bottom line! Hopefully he is able to get better fast so he can still hit up the links and play a little summer softball league.
Okay, I am done rambling. I obviously don't have much to say, but wanted to update anyway. Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers coming in our direction! We can really feel the comfort that they are bringing into our lives. We have another appointment on Thursday, so keep those prayers coming our way! We love you all!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Baby W News

to get an update on Baby W.
(These are his first pair of shoes...yes...they are golf shoes!!! A friend in our ward dropped them by today, could they be more perfect?)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

He Rocks

"He" is my big bro, Nate. Right when I found out I was preggo I started bugging him about sending me some awesome Komatsu baby clothes. Well, 6 months later, he hooked me up! Seriously, this shirt is awesome, Baby W is gonna LOVE IT! (Okay, so Komatsu doesn't make baby clothes, so this is the smallest size they have, a children's 4-5. I am going to try making it smaller, but I don't want to ruin it! I will either have to wait and experiment on some other clothes first, or Baby W won't be able to wear this until he is like, 10!)

He also sent me a PINK, yes, PINK Komatsu hat! I can't wait to go golfing, or do anything outside for that matter, so that I can wear it! Nate, seriously, you rock, I love you! Baby W will be so lucky to have an awesome uncle like you. (We can wait a few years for the Komatsu lunch pail...but reserve one for us!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

I had to post...

I just had to post about these little morsels! Last Friday night we ate dinner at home...okay, that sounds weird...You see, every single Friday we eat dinner out. I work until 5 on Friday's, and the last thing that I want to do is get home at 5:30 and start cooking a meal. We are well, to put it lightly, 80-year olds! We like to eat at 5:00 ON THE DOT every night. My Grandma Beverly will be so proud when she reads that! I partly think it is because of her that I started doing this with my family! That, and we really like food and hate waiting any longer than necessary to eat. ANYWAY...last Friday we didn't eat out because we had just gotten back from our Arizona Vacation on Tuesday, and frankly, we were all restraunted-out! So, after a quick dinner at home, we headed out shopping...okay, by shopping I mean walking in and out of stores and buying nothing! After "shopping" we wanted to get a snack. Since being here in Omaha, we have had NO LUCK with finding a snack spot that we love. In Billings it is Dairy Queen; Cody gets a Grape Freeze EVERY time, and I get, well, usually a cherry dipped cone, unless I feel like really going for some major calories and getting a Blizzard. In Provo, we liked to hit up Jamba Juice if we were feeling fruity, Sweet Tooth Fairy for a way-too-caloric cupcake, or the delicious Red Mango. Red Mango is simply, to DIE FOR. It is a ice cream/frozen yogurt type dessert with 60 calories in a CUP! Yes, a CUP! O man, it is good. You can add all sorts of toppings to it...I, of course, always threw some chocolate something on there to make it more fatening, but Cody would always get MOCHI. Mochi is "a Japanese rice cake made of glutonious rice pounded into a paste and rolled into shape", aka, a DELISH gumdrop! He loved mochi so much that for his birthday I bought him an entire pack of it...sick, seriously, sick:)
Whew, back to the Friday night snack...we headed to Whole Foods to see if we could find something, and look what we found:
YES...Mochi! IN NEBRASKA! Not just any Mochi, Mochi filled with ice cream in all sorts of flavors. Our flavor of choice was Mango...although I know that we will soon go back to experience the others! This treat was a little piece of heaven. Too bad we have to go to a really expensive grocery store to get it! ($9 for 8 little morsels!)

I also thought I would post the 24 and 25 week preggo pics! I usually only take them every 4 weeks but wanted to prove that we went on a vaca with Baby W!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Arizona Vaca

Well, we headed off to Morena, AZ for a little getaway this weekend. We actually saw SUNSHINE!!! Crazy, huh?! I swear the sun hasn't come out in Omaha for 4 is getting depressing. We really needed to get out and go somewhere warm, and it was Cody's Spring Break so we decided to jet off!

It just so happens that we ended up at a golf resort that a PGA event was held at 3 weeks ago, Dove Mountain. (If you know Cody, you know that we don't go anywhere without amazing golf!) The course was beautiful...who knew that AZ had mountains?! Okay, so I am sure everyone else knew that, but we didn't! It was so neat to see terrain COVERED in cacti, big, small, fat, skinny, I couldn't believe all of the different ones that we saw.

Our friends from Utah, Tanner and Brittany, live in Phoenix and drove down and spent two nights with us. I am SOOO glad that they came...we miss them a ton. Their son, Blake, is 8 months old and we just got to meet him for the first time! He was so much fun to be around, and loved me! That makes it much better!

We spent a on of time eating delicious food, including ordering up some room service desserts. I had the best creme brulee I have ever eaten, and their molten chocolate cake with ice cream was to die for! We ate some of the best food I have ever experienced all in one weekend!
We swam, went on the super fast waterslide...aka...really slow waterslide...hiked, golfed, and ate ourselves silly. I am so glad that we had a little getaway...thanks for planning it Cody!