Friday, March 5, 2010

Arizona Vaca

Well, we headed off to Morena, AZ for a little getaway this weekend. We actually saw SUNSHINE!!! Crazy, huh?! I swear the sun hasn't come out in Omaha for 4 is getting depressing. We really needed to get out and go somewhere warm, and it was Cody's Spring Break so we decided to jet off!

It just so happens that we ended up at a golf resort that a PGA event was held at 3 weeks ago, Dove Mountain. (If you know Cody, you know that we don't go anywhere without amazing golf!) The course was beautiful...who knew that AZ had mountains?! Okay, so I am sure everyone else knew that, but we didn't! It was so neat to see terrain COVERED in cacti, big, small, fat, skinny, I couldn't believe all of the different ones that we saw.

Our friends from Utah, Tanner and Brittany, live in Phoenix and drove down and spent two nights with us. I am SOOO glad that they came...we miss them a ton. Their son, Blake, is 8 months old and we just got to meet him for the first time! He was so much fun to be around, and loved me! That makes it much better!

We spent a on of time eating delicious food, including ordering up some room service desserts. I had the best creme brulee I have ever eaten, and their molten chocolate cake with ice cream was to die for! We ate some of the best food I have ever experienced all in one weekend!
We swam, went on the super fast waterslide...aka...really slow waterslide...hiked, golfed, and ate ourselves silly. I am so glad that we had a little getaway...thanks for planning it Cody!


Idaho Hodges said...

Glad you had fun!! Love you guys!!

Mandi said...

Lucky!... we enjoyed some nice freezing weather!

AmandaS said...

So glad that you went, saw your good friends, ate everything you wanted and had such a great time. I wish this kind of vaca for you twice a year--oh, yeah, and golf for Cody too!! Love you both, Mom

Erica said...

I'm jealous, Sun sounds nice. Glad you guys had a good time though.

Brian and chelsea said...