Thursday, August 28, 2008

A job...finally!

First of cute are these kids!? I can't wait for Amanda to add another one to the clan in only  3 1/2 weeks!
Second, I finally got a job after a week of application after application. I know it sounds stupid, but it has honestly been so hard for me this week. I have been applying for jobs right and left, hoping I could find a job that will accommodate my bum knee. I have been having trouble sitting for too long, standing for too long, basically, doing any one thing for a prolonged period of time. So, I was applying for secretary jobs, oral surgery assistant jobs, physical therapist assistant jobs, checker at costco, etc...all of which I KNEW I would still have pain while doing. 

Then, I came across a nanny job here in Provo. How perfect! I can sit and stand when I want, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE KIDS! I interviewed tonight and I can't wait to start! The family seems so awesome, they have 3 kids; an 11 year old girl, a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old boy. Mainly I will be with the 4 year old except for when the others get out of school at 3 M-Th and at 1 on Fridays. I am so excited for this. The family is very active, no computers during the week, which I love. They are a clean family too, something that I was totally worried about. Not to mention that they live in a HUGE house! The mom and dad bother work, and they seem amazing. I can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What to say...???

We are officially BUSY and virtually unemployed, all at the same time! How is that possible, you ask well....(be prepared, this is the world's longest post..I know that I will have a couple die hards that make it through the entire thing!)
Since our last day of work in Billings, this is what we have done:

Tuesday 12: 
Missy and Clan come to town! Will and Wendy picked up Z pizza for us all and we chowed down. That night I did Wendy, Will, and Missy's hair! Talk about a crazy night. It was so fun though! I really do love doing hair and have been so sad that I can't do it full time right now in my  life. It brings me so much happiness making others feel good about themselves and just chatting the whole time!
Wednesday 13: 
Aaron, Erika, Brevin, and Jace flew in at 10:00; Ray, Sher, Alec, Olivia, Carson, and Addy flew in at 1:00, and now, the WHOLE CLAN IS OFFICIALLY HERE! So basically, there was more food than we could handle (including chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, pound cake, and mint brownies; yes, all in one day...!) , more messes than you can even dream of, and SO MUCH FUN! We just hung out with everyone and had a great BBQ this night. We even had an all adults table! HOw exciting! hehe!

I think that this goes without saying, but EACH AND EVERY NIGHT we dedicated 7pm-10,11, or 12am to this:

We were all officially Olympic addicts, and proud of it! Thank heavens for DVR, we did have a few interruptions, and we quickly made up for them with this wonderful new invention! We kept wondering if everyone in the world literally puts their life on hold for 2 weeks to watch this...and we came to the conclusion; that yes, most people did!

Thursday 14th: 
This was the best day of them all, by far. Addison Laurel Winterholler was sealed to her family for time and all eternity today! It was one of the most precious events that I have ever witnessed. The feelings of the Spirit of the Lord were not able to be ignored that day. I am so grateful for the sealing power that is here on the earth today that allows us to be with our families for all of eternity. 

After the sealing we went to Rib and Chop house and ate some spectacular food! I even had fried green tomatoes for the first time in my life!

Friday 15th:
Pictures of the Grandkids! Grandma loves to get pictures of her grandkids every year, and these ones were so cute! Of course, heads have to be switched here and is nearly impossible to get all TWELVE of the kids smiling at once! While the girls/kids were doing pics, the boys went and had a little golf match, and TIED! That afternoon, Grandma had bought a HUGE blow up waterslide that entertained everyone for hours! It took the kids a minute to get used to the cold hose water, but they soon loved every minute of it! The baseball game was mixed in on one of these days:

Then came...the FAIR. It has been a while, I have to admit. We had fun watching Olivia scream her lungs out, Alec and Jaxson pretend that they weren't scared, and Kinsley get put somewhere in between. We ate corn on the cob, corndogs, hamburgers, and of course, funnel cakes! 

Saturday 16th:
Shopping for the girls, shooting for the boys, babysitter for the kids....perfect for all! Of course, the waterslide was hit up for hours once more, and after these festivities, we went to Red Robin, need I say more? Delicious as always! There was some scooter rides too:

Sunday 17th:
The worst day of them all! Well, it started out okay. We had a giant birthday party to celebrate Aaron, Missy, Wendy, Alec, Carson, and Grandma Barbara's big days, as well as Ray and Sher's 18th Anniversary! We ate a yummy sheet cake with ice cream that was delicious! Then came the tears. We had a family prayer with everyone, which was so great. Then Justin, Melissa, Jaxson, Kinsley, Lilly and well, Hunter or Tyce or Holden...anyway...they left. It wasn't too hard for Cody and I because we knew we would see them in a few days when driving home to UT. It was still sad just to know that it was the beginning of EVERYONE leaving though. That night Will and Wendy and kids flew to Las Vegas, so we had to say goodbye to them too. I almost started balling when I hugged Wendy, we have gotten so close to them over the summer and I am so sad that we had to leave. I guess we will just have to wait 5 more years and we will be with them again! That is forever...okay, let's just not think about it! Cody and I went and visited Grandma and Grandpa Stott and Joel and Robin and kids Sunday evening. We will miss them all so much!

Monday 18th:
Shopping with Erika and Sher and kids, some yummy tortilla baked casserole, and no tears today!  Woo-hoo!

Tuesday 19th:
Tears return. Aaron and Erika left today. Cody gets to see them in about 3 weeks when he flies to Nebraska for an interview(woo-hoo!) but I won't see them until probably Christmas, and that is no fun. I haven't been able to spend much time with these guys before, and we really had a ton of fun. I love talking to Erika about anything and everything, and Aaron always has random facts that make me laugh. The boys, well, I couldn't really break Brevin, but I sure got Jace laughing on Monday night...just in time!  We will miss them a ton!
Cody and I also had to do the most sad thing ever today...pack up to leave MT. We had to go and say bye to my parents, which was so sad. I have LOVED spending so much time with them. I talk to my mom every day, but it just isn't the same as seeing her! We had fun cooking together, golfing together and just chatting in the living room through the wonderful Montana thunder storms. We love them and already miss them and it's only been a week! Good thing Amanda is having a baby soon...!

Wednesday 20th:
We left the promise land. Sad, sad day. We got up early and said goodbye to Bert, which made me almost cry. Then Laurel and Sher, which did it again! Bert and Laurel have done so much for us, we will never able to pay them back. I am so grateful for amazing families who take care of us!
We stopped in Rexburg for lunch at my favorite sandwich shop ever Mill Hollow. Missy and cute Lilly met us there and we had so much fun, as always!
Construction, Traffic, and everything else that comes with traveling happened, and then...
6:45 pm: Our dreams for 4 months came true...CAFE RIO! It was absolutely everything that we have been yearning for! hehe! We are addicts!

Thursday 21st-today:
Shopping for groceries, visiting Kevin and Amanda's new abode in Sandy and eating yummy food, cleaning our house from 4 months of sitting and collecting, unpacking everything that we took and more that we brought home, applying to a billion jobs, buying books for Cody's SENIOR year, finishing secondary applications for dental school, many, way too many, interviews, trying out 24 hour fitness on a free 7-day trial, making the first homemade dinner that Dan and Katie have had in 4 months, cooking up calzones with Tanner and Brittney, catching up on apartment managing stuff, and starting our job, once more, at Rapid Wash Laundry.

Whew! I hope you all still love me despite the book that I just wrote! I won't have my feelings hurt if you didn't read it all, honestly, it is for journal purposes!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The test is OVER, FOREVER!

Let’s start out with some really FUN news…Cody is DONE studying for the DAT! He took it today, Monday, and he did AMAZING! He got a 19, he raised his score by two points, and improved all of his averages! The one that I want to brag about is perceptual ability…this one is really hard, it is all about viewing different angles, objects, stuff that is really over my head. Anyway, he scored a 25 on this section, which is in the 99.7 percentile in the NATION! Talk about a stud! All of his hard work paid off and we are so, so happy that the DAT is over! Now we just wait for interviews, dun, dun, dun…!!!

Now on to the rest of life…holy busy-ness! Ha! We have been running around like crazy lately! I feel like we are just trying to squeeze in every possible fun thing that we can before we head back to Utah!

Where to begin?! Well, We’ll start with LAST Weekend. Nate, Alexsis, Amanda, Kevin and their kids were here, AND Dad and Cody were in a golf tourney at Briarwood, the Tangle.

Let’s start with the family time. It was great to have everyone here even though it was a crazy house! Nate and Alexsis were here for their 10-year reunion…oldies! They seemed to have fun getting together with old pals. We were able to eat meals together here and there and spend a little time with them. Amanda and Kevin were here for a couple days after Nate and Alexsis left. We went to Big splash with the kiddos, it was so cute! Ian was scared to go down the slides basically every time that he got to the top, and then once he went down he wanted to go again! Meggie looked so cute in her little swimsuit!

We also had a big bon fire with the whole fam out on the ranch. We roasted marshmallows and we were all nice and stinky when we were done! Thanks to Carson, Madi and mom for gathering all of the rocks; and Dad, Kevin and Cody for putting the pit together! Who knew that my non-boy scout hubby was such a good fire starter?!

Now for the tourney…it is the biggest tourney of the year, and it is a member-non-member one at Briarwood. Dad chose Cody to play with him, and they had a blast! They played 3 straight 18-hole days and had an absolute ball. The boys had a good laugh each day because dad like the Red Sox, and Cody likes the Yankees...well, I think he just 'likes' them because dad doesn't, but it is fun to tease each other nonetheless. The best part of it, to my mom and I, was the derby. There were about 100 golf carts driving on the course, all to watch 10 teams play a few holes! (One of the teams was Uncle Joel’s, so that definitely jazzed it up a bit!) It was so hilarious to see all of those golf carts just going crazy all over the course! There was also a delicious prime rib dinner for the players and their wives. Now, the best part to dad and Cody was something different…they took 5th place out of like 80 teams and won $500 a piece! They are studs! 

Upcoming this week…Brianne and Lana come to visit…woo-hoo!!