Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cinnamon Stack Biscuits

Okay, just is case you don't regularly check my food blog, I had to let you all know about this yummy new recipe! Go to www.mmmcafe.blogspot.com to read it!

Rainy Days...

Rainy days...are some of the best! Cody and I were so looking forward to a long weekend full of golf, golf and more golf. Unfortunately, God decided to bless us with Rain, RaIn, and more RAIN instead! I was so bummed each morning as I woke up to find yet another gloomy day ahead of us. However, by the end of the day, I was so appreciative of the rain! Not only because of the landscape around us getting more beautiful with each drop, but more because of the activities we were able to do with one another during those rainy days. 
We shopped multiple times this weekend. We didn't get away with much except for a pair of shoes and a MONTANA STATE shirt, but the time running in and out of the rain with my hubby was so fun! I truly appreciate his patience for me while we are shopping; see, I STINK at shopping. He keeps me sane as I constantly look at one more outfit I hate! hehe!
We also had a major-movie-weekend! We saw the Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian.

It is so amazing! Cody liked it even more than the first, and I enjoyed them both equally. I have this sudden urge to pick up the books and read them, but I am already in the middle of two others! (Jodi Picoult's "Harvesting the Heart" and Sheri Dew's "God wants a powerful people".) We also saw P.S. I LOVE YOU. Tear-jerkers MAJOR! I loved it....Cody on the other hand, let's just say "What a GOOD husband!" hehe! I love watching movies and cuddling when it is freezing outside...then you don't feel guilty for being lazy!

We also watched deer! Sounds funny, I know, but we did. We saw a baby fawn, probably only about 1 day old. It was fun to see her through the binoculars stumbling over herself. Cody really has an eye to see animals from a distance! I love it!

So, despite the icky weather and predicting a horrible weekend, it turned out to be quite the pleasant time for us!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yep! That's me! Okay, so not exactly me, but what I do every day! Cody and I are both working in the dental field. Cody is working for his brother, Will, in his family practice. I am working for Cody's dad, Bert, in his oral surgery practice. We are absolutely LOVING it! It is so interesting. Today someone came in with a broken jaw, a few days ago we saw a woman with TMJ problems, it is crazy how many things can go wrong with the mouth. Every case is different. This sounds bad, but I am sure glad that they do! I get to help fix the problems, and in the future it will make us lots of MULA!
(And, for all of you wondering if I have fainted yet...No!)
Life here is so great. We are loving our jobs, seeing our family, just being in B-Town in general is wonderful! Part of me wishes that we were here for good. Then I think about everything that we have to look forward to. Who knows where we will be a year from now, but I cannot wait to tackle the obstacles, joys, and surprises with my amazing husband. His drive and positive attitude motivate me daily to be a better person. I am so thankful to have him in my life!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tagged: Engagement Story

So, I am not a HUGE fan of "tagging"....however, I thought that this one was fun. Emily Walker/Anderson tagged me, and it was so fun to hear her engagement story. Yes, I had already heard it, but it was fun to hear it almost two years later and remember all of the cute details. Here it goes...

Typical Saturday in early Spring, what does Cody do? GOLF! So, I was not suspicious at all. We went out to the course at about 1 o'clock. We hadn't made a tee time, so Cody just asked if we could get in sometime. The lady was like, "It is super busy, you can probably get on the back nine right now, but make sure that you keep up your pace". Cody replies, "O...she's (pointing to me) not very good, we better wait until a later tee time when it slows down a little." (Good way to start off the day you are gonna propose, huh?!!? No, I am not the best, but little did I know there was more to that insult...!
We came back to the course at our 5 p.m. tee time. I was playing great! We were on the back 9, which is the mountain course. Cody was having some difficulty with his shots...like he was nervous or something...hmm...(of course I didn't notice this until later when he told me his scores on those holes.) Anyway, I did great on 11, and I got a par on 12, so I was so dang excited, that doesn't happen often and I could feel that I was going to have a good game! Cody teed up at 13 and hit a decent shot. I was up next. I teed up my ball, and hit a BEAUTIFUL shot! It was just on the right of the fairway, and I was so excited. Well, Cody thought differently. He said, "O, you better hit another shot". I was like, "Okay, but that was good, c'mon!" Anyway, I figured he would want me to change something about my shot, and he is a great coach. So, I started walking to the cart to get another ball. He was like... "Here, use this one." Then he teed up my ball for me. I got lined up, looked down at the ball, and...
It was perfectly centered, beautiful, shimmering in the light...and next to it Cody got on one knee, spread his arms, and said, "Chelsea, Will you Mar-" Yep, that is about how far he got before I tackeld him, right there on the tee box!

The 5 people that I tag....and that need to tag 5 others are:
Amanda Smith, Ally Mack, Stefanie Delorey, Erika Sadler, and Kathleen Wright.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New York

We are back! We are educated on broadways, really expensive sandwiches, local music, cheap pizza, tall buildings, shopping, and everything else in NYC! The details are below...and yes, it is FOREVER LONG....

Well, we had a red eye flight, therefore we were pretty much out of commission until about Noon. We did, however, manage to pay $50 for about 6 oz. of OJ, 4 eggs, hashbrowns and some burnt toast at a restaurant in our hotel. So we did accomplish something that morning! (If blowing money on crappy food is an accomplishment!) Following our 4 hour nap session, we headed out to the city. It was DOWNPOURING, but this didn't stop us! We went on a shop-a-thon, or more like a "window shop-a-thon". There are some amazing stores there...just a bit pricy for us college kids! Monday night, we went to "Cafe Wha?"

Basically, it was amazing. The music was absolutely outstanding. There was one man who played the sax and the flute like nothing I have ever heard, and another who used a sponge, drum, whistling, and various other instruments. Our food was great, this is a MUST-DO for anyone who goes to new york. You can google Cafe Wha? to check it out!

I woke up Tuesday SOOO dang excited...today was the day for WICKED. We shopped, and shopped some more prior to the show. We also went to Macy's, now this was just ANY Macy's. It was packed with 9 floors in two different buildings(YES, 18 floors total), and 9 restaurants! It was insane. We really enjoyed going to all of the different shops and getting help from the extremely rude people. I have heard that peeps in new york are rude, but I didn't really believe it. Well, BELIEVE IT!
The worst meal that we had when were were there was at Roxy Delicatessan...now, it is probably just because we haven't even eaten at a 'delicatessan'...

But, honestly, who can eat this?! The bread was HORRIBLE, burnt, and had not mayonaaise. The meat wasn't very good, and we were still hungry afterwords. To top it off...the sandwich cost $24, and because we were SHARING we had to pay $27...is that not CRAZY?! Ha...something to remember I guess!
Then came....WICKED. All I can say is, I wanted  to see it again the moment it was over. This show is outstanding, it was both my and Cody's #1 event of our entire trip.

We went to the Lion King, the costumes were out of this world! It is amazing how talented people are in so many different ways. This play was 100% different than Wicked, but we still really enjoyed it.
We also went to a YANKEES game!

Our seats were WAY better than we thought they would be, I ate a BIG FAT CALORIC hot dog, and we had a blast!

Site-seeing! We saw the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (we think!) Wall Street....basically everything! Obviously, we didn't actually GO to the Statue of Liberty. It was honestly like a MILE long line...can you imagine how long that would take?! But, you can see it in the background...kind of!

Ground Zero was pretty much just a big construction site. We are glad that we saw it however, it is amazing the damage only a few people can do. It is also amazing how we can come back from something like this and begin to build something even better. As Cody said, the best way to describe the feeling there was "eerie".

Overall, we had a wonderful experience. We saw everything that we wanted to see and probably won't have to go back to see those RUDE people for a long time!