Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cinnamon Stack Biscuits

Okay, just is case you don't regularly check my food blog, I had to let you all know about this yummy new recipe! Go to www.mmmcafe.blogspot.com to read it!


Mark and Stef said...

Hi Chels! I miss you! I love reading all your movie reviews, it' so helpful to hear what other people think. We just saw Baby Momma and it was hilarious! Drag Cody to see it with you, I promise you'll like it!

chiddix family said...

Chelsea!!! This is Kaydee- How are you? I just started a blog a couple weeks ago and today I just was thinking about you and remembered that you have one too. :) Mine is -thechiddixfam.blospot.com - P.S. You have some yummy recipes on your blog. What a good cook!! I will have to try some!

Brian and chelsea said...

Youll be so proud of me - I put a recipe I made on my blog :)
Its nothing incredible - just a birthday cake - but cmon, gimme a break, Im new at this "chef chelsea" stuff