Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vegas and Birthday fun

Whew, long time no post! I am back after my almost 2 week vacation! I am sad it is over because all the the family is no longer near us, but I am happy to be back in my bed! I have a lot of catching you up to do...I am sure it will take me a few days!
I had a great 23rd birthday! I cannot believe that I am 23! I feel so old, I should have so many things achieved by now! I need to kick it up a notch! ha! I had a great day filled with a lot of fun phone calls from family and friends. Most made the call before 11:00 am...which is pretty dang good! I did have one friend call at about 10:30 know who you are!(She claims she remembered all day...she was just trying to fake me out...yeah, uh-huh. Love ya!) My parents got me a cream jacket that I have worn every day since, as well as a knife sharpener that is totally awesome! Cody spoiled me and took me to see Twilight...finally! I was so happy and absolutely loved it! He gave me the best present that I will probably ever get for my birthday. He made a photobook on our apple of our wedding. It has the most beautiful quote in it with some amazing pictures from that special day. I couldn't have asked for more, I love it! I love you hunny! Thanks again!

On the 20th we headed to Las Vegas for the BYU vs Arizona Vegas Bowl. The game was such a blast! It was FREEZING cold...yes, in Vegas! I drank 3 hot chocolates and Brittany and I shared the most DISGUSTING churro I have ever eaten! (Okay, so we each had about 2 bites and then Tanner downed the rest!)

This is the pic of the watered down hot chocolate and the nast churro! (As well as me in my new beanie that I got for my birthday! Cute, huh?!?!)
After the game we ate a a yummy restaruant in the Bellagio, Sensi. We got this coconut creamed curry, the best potatoe wedges ever, tempura battered asparagus, and Tanner and Britt had short ribs. It was O-So-yummy! We headed to the center of the bellagio after that for a few pics...

They had some amazing Christmas decorations. The Tree was the center of it all and was HUGE! As are the Christmas balls that Tanner and Brittany are trying to no avail!
Also, we of course ate at Jean Phillipe, I can't talk about makes me want to drive a mere 5 hours to taste it on my tounge! It was delicious. 
We probably won't be heading to Vegas for who knows how it was good to make one last trip to sin city! Ha!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here We Go Again...

We are off to Vegas...again! We are headed to the Vegas Bowl! WOo-hoO! I can't wait to go to my favorite place in Vegas, John is chocolate, crepe, dessert, etc HEAVEN!
We are driving down on Saturday morning, and driving back on Sunday morning so that we can catch out flight to MT on Saturday afternoon...wish us luck! And fun!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tons of stuff!

I have so much to write I don't even know where to start! Life has been so good the past couple of weeks...well years! We are so blessed! I guess I will start with Thursday....
We went to a Jazz vs. Trail Blazers game in SLC. It was so much fun! As you can tell, we had great seats! 
We were only like 15 rows from the court, and we could see Greg Oden's MASSIVE feet extremely well! I seriously don't even know how he can run with those feet! It was fun to watch some pro ball...however, I still stand strong that I love all college sports more than Pro. I feel like there is more heart in College sports or something!
On Friday we drove up to Sandy to babysit Ian and Meggie for Amanda's Birthday present. We decided to have a little birthday/Christmas party then, too, since we will not see eachother until after Christmas. 

We gave the kids placemats(Ian was seriously freaking out/shaking when he saw Lightening McQueen on his!) and some cute shirts from old Navy, Kevin a Sears gift card, Amanda a bracelet and we babysat for them! Ian and Meggie were such good helpers when we were opening! Not exactly patient, but great helpers!
They got us exactly what we wanted. I got this amazing apron...that my AMAZING sister MADE!!! (Please ignore my face...I had seriously gotten up from a nap like 30 seconds before this pic!)

Can you beleive it?! It is so cute I about died! She made my mom one for her birthday and I begged her to make me one...she definitely pulled through! I love it, LOVE it, LOVE IT! They also gave us a fun sorry game...which is a major Winterholler tradition, The Dark Night movie(If you haven't see/bought this you are missing out), and she even gave us our own dish back...wrapped and all!

Let me explain...a few weeks ago we ate dinner there and left our dish. Then, for an enrichment meeting they were pasting names onto dishes and making them oven safe. So, since Amanda already had our dish, she did it for us! Isn't that great?! Now I can give food to people and actually get my dish back! (Or they will feel really stupid using it, anyway!) I thought it was such a creative idea, I want to buy a "cricket" just so I can do it to all of my dishes!
That is enough for now....we are going home in 1 week! YEAH!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Creighton HERE WE COME!

Today was the day, and Cody got into Creighton Dental School for the 2009 year! Woo-hoo! We are so excited! We will be moving to Nebraska sometime next summer. We can't wait for this new phase in our life...thank heavens for Brilliant husbands!  Here we are celebrating at P.F. Changs!