Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here We Go Again...

We are off to Vegas...again! We are headed to the Vegas Bowl! WOo-hoO! I can't wait to go to my favorite place in Vegas, John is chocolate, crepe, dessert, etc HEAVEN!
We are driving down on Saturday morning, and driving back on Sunday morning so that we can catch out flight to MT on Saturday afternoon...wish us luck! And fun!!!


Kelly and Emilee said...

Sounds like fun, I hope that the roads are good for you. John Phillipe looks so good!

Brian and chelsea said...

that's awesome!
so funny... it reminds me of last year when Brian and I went down to the Vegas Bowl. We took a BYU party-bus and left at 5am and got back at 3am the next morning. Craziness. And I remember it was really, really cold. Was it cold there for you guys? Or perhaps even SNOWING?!