Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012


I am sitting in the boys room rocking Dax to sleep. I can't help but feel that I've wasted so much time already. They are so big. Did I worry too much about getting them to sleep and miss out on the precious sleepy smiles I get when they are just about to doze off? Dax has given me 5 just in the few minutes I have sat here with him. I sat my sweet friends 18 month old yesterday while she had surgery. As I was rocking him I realized how full my arms were! I can't believe in not long my boys will be that big. They still have their infant cries, their barely giggles, their cute grunts and groans. They are just finding their hands and before I know it they will fill my arms. O I love them small, I need to enjoy it more!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 weeks

The boys are 10 weeks time has flown. I have been posting a photo every day on my photo blog, but here are a few as of late. I am so in love with these boys. They are just starting to smile and coo at us consistently.
Mommy and Barrett
Dax playing with Daddy
Barrett and his blue eyes
Poor Barrett in the pink hand-me-down bouncer!
Barrett left Dax right, can't get them both to smile at the same time!
Barrett is definitely the hard baby as of late. He is touchy! When he needs a nap, it is a scream war til he falls asleep! I feel so bad. If I put him down while he is still happy and playing, he will just play himself to sleep. BUT IF I wait until he shows me he is tired with one little cry or rubbing his eyes, we are doomed! He will cry for 30 minutes straight, sometimes longer. Poor kiddo! He loves his carseat though, he is constantly happy or asleep when we are out and about. He is such a KICKER. He loves loves loves to kick. He usually only has 1 sock on, and is always working on getting the other one off. He is stingy with his smiles, but when he smiles, they are beyond adorable, as you can see in the pictures! He is getting a little better at eating...but it is a day to day thing. Right now I am still breastfeeding and then giving 2 bottles of expressed milk a day to make sure that he is getting enough. I tried to give him 1 ounce of formula the other day and he gagged and GAGGED! He wouldn't even swallow it. Better keep up my milk supply:)   He eats his hands. Even when he isn't hungry he is trying to see how many fingers can fit in his little mouth, it's pretty cute.
Mommy and Barrett
Dax, Dax, happy Dax! He is such a happy baby. He can be mid-scream, you can tickle his cheek and he will smile for you! He really loves to play with dad, but really loves to cuddle with mommy. He doesn't really like it when I leave the room, he is a people person I guess. He is putting on the pounds like a champ and loves to eat, eat, eat. He is a caveman, smacking me as he tries to latch, it is so funny. He has big lips compared to Barrett, and we love them! His fingers are so stubby and short, and his hair is still just a little Horton patch. He is addicted to his binkie, like majorly addicted! He sucks on it all day, all night, and wakes up at 1 every morning just to let us know that he would like to suck on it a little more:) He has hazel eyes, and no neck! He is getting pretty good a the Grandpa Jim head bob, always looking around. He is my trooper, always holding it together for me when Barrett is losing it:) We joke that Barrett will cry when he gets picked on and Dax will just fight back. We will see!
Dax smiling at daddy!
And how are mommy and daddy surviving? BEYOND AMAZING. I know it sounds dumb, but we feel so blessed. These boys are the light of our lives. We are so happy right now, life is great. I get a little teary when Barrett is trying to get to sleep for a nap crying away, but other than that I'm not stressed at all! I go somewhere every single day, if I don't I get a little stir crazy. We are frequent Target shoppers (too bad for the pocket book), and I now frequent Sonic for a Strawberry limeade for little outings here and there. The boys go to the zoo almost weekly, and on walks every single day. Cody can't wait to get home from school to see the kiddos. He misses them so much! I would too. My life revolves around Cody and these boys, and I am so glad! Still feeding 7 times a day, and they sleep at night for 6.5-7 straight hours, they are rockstars. We love our new family of 5!

Newborn pictures

Just 4 days after the boys were born my friend came and did photos for us! These are just a few of my faves!
Barrett left Dax right
Barrett is on the bottom!