Monday, June 25, 2012


I am sitting in the boys room rocking Dax to sleep. I can't help but feel that I've wasted so much time already. They are so big. Did I worry too much about getting them to sleep and miss out on the precious sleepy smiles I get when they are just about to doze off? Dax has given me 5 just in the few minutes I have sat here with him. I sat my sweet friends 18 month old yesterday while she had surgery. As I was rocking him I realized how full my arms were! I can't believe in not long my boys will be that big. They still have their infant cries, their barely giggles, their cute grunts and groans. They are just finding their hands and before I know it they will fill my arms. O I love them small, I need to enjoy it more!

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Ariel Witt said...

The good news is that the 12 month old smiles, cries, and laughs are just as heart melting as their newborn ones (and I'm hopeful that 18mo will be just as adorable as well)! It sounds like you're doing pretty great at enjoying the moment.