Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doesn't get any better...

I mean, really, does it get any better than having a make-out session with the window...I. THINK. NOT. 

 Classic pictures, I'm sure every kid has one of these. Barrett, Barrett, Barrett. He loves to lick. He licks everything, especially his poor brother. Dax always has a wet foot, bum, or sleeve because of Barrett.
 I just can't resist those baby blue eyes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

My Boys.

Lately I have been so overwhelmed. Sometimes, okay, MOST times, I am overwhelmed with two little screamers hanging from my legs. But, every once in a while, I take a step back.
I look at my two baby boys crying their eyes out because they just want me to hold them.
I look at one of them happy as can be, trying to play with their brother who is so upset he can't hold it together.
I watch Cody wrestle with them both, as they hysterically giggle with joy.
I crawl on my hands and knees from room to room, with them both chasing me.
I can see their love for eachother already.
I watch them play peekaboo with one another.
I watch them hide behind the curtains.
I listen to their back and forth chattering in their cribs.
I watch their perfect hands touching eachothers faces.
I see that they already know if they smile for the camera, it will be over quicker.
I see my house, my hair, my clothes get destroyed on a daily basis.
I see their chubby fingers turning pages, pushing buttons, and making messes.
I notice their too-tiny 9 month old legs helping them walk.
I see my kitchen slowly gathering dirty dishes throughout the day, and pray Cody and I can clean it together, later.
I watch their eyes light up when I open "Let's go to the zoo" that we have read 254 times.
I watch, and stop, them from trying to suck on my painted toes.
I feel them spit their food out all over me, and listen to their brother laugh about it.
I listen to their 5 am babbling.
I see them cheer eachother on, whether it be climbing the stairs or unrolling the toilet paper.
I watch them kick their legs as they lay on our living room floor and drink their bottle.
I see them attack one another...toughening the other one up for the future, I suppose.
I see Cody's eyes. I see his love. I see how much we all mean to him.

And I know, watching these things, that being overwhelmed is the best feeling I can have in my life. I am overwhelmed with love from these 2 boys, who before I know it, will be men. They will be men just like their daddy. They will be hard workers, filled with passion for the few things in life that are most important. They will be men who have wives, and children, and a brother. A best friend by their side through it all. I pray for this, for them. I want them to have the overwhelming feelings that I have now.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Keep us Laughing

The boys are starting to play together so much! I. LOVE. IT.

 I also love looking at these cuties from outside. They are always smashing their faces against the glass, and their little chubby fingers are even cuter through the window.

 One of my favorite pictures. EVER.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Keep them smiling

It's amazing how busy these 4 little legs keep me...
 My boys just light up my life! Okay, so some days, most days, its HARD. These guys love me. I mean they really, really love me. Like hang-on-mommy-all-day love me. There is barely a minute when I don't have one in my arms, and the other hanging on my leg. But can I just tell you? I love it. I'm crying just writing this. I can't believe how blessed I am, how amazing it feels to have my arms full all of the time. I miss my sweet Warner, and having BOTH of these kiddos makes me not miss him so much, and miss him more all at the same time. If that makes any sense...I just know what I'm missing! It would be so fun to have a 2.5 year old running around wrestling with these two!
Yes, wrestling! They are starting to play together so much.
-They play peek a boo behind our sliding glass door curtains all the time.

-They love spending time together in the bathroom doing various things. Playing with the toilet paper, in the water (YUCK), flushing, and flushing, and flushing the toilet. O and bathing. Well, Dax loves bathing with Barrett. Barrett hates bathing with Dax. I would too if I was sitting with Dax next to me creating title waves he splashes so much!
-Barrett wrestles with Dax, Dax doesn't wrestle back. He cries back, but he doesn't wrestle back! I'm sure they will trade back and forth for the next...18 years.
-They love to chase balls. Everywhere. As fast as they can.

-Barrett is my sneaky baby. He just figured out how to climb the stairs. He will sneak over to the bottom of them, realized the gate was ACCIDENTALLY not put up, and climb as fast as he can up them. One problem...he gets about 4 stairs up and does this silly, evil "Yes I got away with it!" laugh. I hear it and go running to save him! He is getting pretty good now though, so maybe I won't have to save him for too much longer.
-Dax is a horrible teether. Screams, cries, makes mommy hold him all day. O, and he wants to be a dentist. He's always reaching in my mouth. Always.
-Teething doesn't phase Barrett. Not in the least.
-Barrett loves mommy's homemade mac and cheese. They are both just started to eat table food. They have been great eaters so far so I'm a little worried about starting more table food.
-I get a lot of attention when I go out. A LOT. Everyone, "ooo twins! One brown eye one blue eye?! AHHH! OOOO!" Unless they are snotty nosed, in their pj's, and both crying. Then no one tells me how cute they are!
-Books! Books! They love books. Dax loves them a little bit more right now, but it changes week to week. Our favorites are the Little People "Let's go to the zoo", I would honestly go crazy without this book! Also "The big hungry bear" and the "Little Quack" series. All gifts! My sister is an expert book provider:) She wants smart nephews or something!
-They are both about to walk. Barrett took 2 steps the other day, Dax has taken 1. They are only 9 months! ahhh!
 Our days are fun. A few weeks ago, the boys would wake up at 515am and play for about 30 minutes in their crib, then go back to sleep for about 30 more. EARLY. Too early for me! After Christmas visiting my mom, she must have trained them well. They sleep for 11 to 11.5 hours every night!
She still couldn't fix their naps, though:) Usually 1 of the boys only sleeps for around 45 minutes, then plays until he wakes his brother, then they both play, etc. etc. etc.!  But the nighttime sleep makes up for it.
So they sleep until 7 ish. Then they eat a bottle and some breakfast (oatmeal and yogurt or fruit). Then we play. and cry. and bonk our heads. and steal one another's toys. and hang on mommy's legs.

Then we take a nap, around 930. About 11 they eat another bottle, then I run errands. At 130 they eat lunch, some icky mushed up vegetable and some fruit. Then it's time for a nap! They pretty much play in their cribs for 15-30 minutes until they fall asleep...and wake up around 330 for another bottle. Yep they eat a lot! Then we play some more. THEN DADDY GETS HOME! Yahoo! I have lots of good parts of my day...but this is the best for mommy! By this time I'm a little worn out, and so happy to have my happy husband by my side to wrestle these crazies with me!

 Then it's dinner time! They eat all sorts of dissolvable treats, oatmeal, and veggies for dinner. OOO They can both drink from a straw as of...yesterday! Yay, makes my life easier on friday night dinner outs:) Then the boys are little, well, crazy. It's kind of an emotional time of day...lots of giggle, lots of traumatic things that didn't bother them earlier in the day and seem to be life threatening injuries now. hehe. They are pretty wired, then at 730 it's tub time. Which, they love, well, Dax loves:) Barrett would like it more if we let him stand up the entire time!

Then another bottle and off to bed. And a little relaxation for us. That's our day! It's so fun, and so crazy, and stressful sometimes, and rewarding. Although sometimes it feels like I don't do much day in and day out, then I see these smiling faces. I guess that's my job, just to keep them smiling, right? (Look at those chubby hands!!!)

Christmas 2012

The boys first Christmas! Well, it was a blast, even though they had no idea what it was and could really care less about opening presents. They were spoiled rotten, and now they love each of the fun toys that they got.
We got to spend a lot of time with both families, and my mom and dad were able to watch the boys for a night so we could have a little get-away for my birthday. It was amazing to have an entire 24 hours just to ourselves. We had such an amazing time and we plan on doing it every year...that is if my parents are up to it! They said they loved every minute, and I think they were telling the truth!
Here are a million fun pictures from our trip!