Friday, January 25, 2013

My Boys.

Lately I have been so overwhelmed. Sometimes, okay, MOST times, I am overwhelmed with two little screamers hanging from my legs. But, every once in a while, I take a step back.
I look at my two baby boys crying their eyes out because they just want me to hold them.
I look at one of them happy as can be, trying to play with their brother who is so upset he can't hold it together.
I watch Cody wrestle with them both, as they hysterically giggle with joy.
I crawl on my hands and knees from room to room, with them both chasing me.
I can see their love for eachother already.
I watch them play peekaboo with one another.
I watch them hide behind the curtains.
I listen to their back and forth chattering in their cribs.
I watch their perfect hands touching eachothers faces.
I see that they already know if they smile for the camera, it will be over quicker.
I see my house, my hair, my clothes get destroyed on a daily basis.
I see their chubby fingers turning pages, pushing buttons, and making messes.
I notice their too-tiny 9 month old legs helping them walk.
I see my kitchen slowly gathering dirty dishes throughout the day, and pray Cody and I can clean it together, later.
I watch their eyes light up when I open "Let's go to the zoo" that we have read 254 times.
I watch, and stop, them from trying to suck on my painted toes.
I feel them spit their food out all over me, and listen to their brother laugh about it.
I listen to their 5 am babbling.
I see them cheer eachother on, whether it be climbing the stairs or unrolling the toilet paper.
I watch them kick their legs as they lay on our living room floor and drink their bottle.
I see them attack one another...toughening the other one up for the future, I suppose.
I see Cody's eyes. I see his love. I see how much we all mean to him.

And I know, watching these things, that being overwhelmed is the best feeling I can have in my life. I am overwhelmed with love from these 2 boys, who before I know it, will be men. They will be men just like their daddy. They will be hard workers, filled with passion for the few things in life that are most important. They will be men who have wives, and children, and a brother. A best friend by their side through it all. I pray for this, for them. I want them to have the overwhelming feelings that I have now.

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Jamie said...

This is beautiful! What handsome boys and what a lovely way to express your love for them. Such blessings you all are to each other!