Sunday, February 14, 2010

And it all begins...

Let the sewing begin! When my mom and pops came to Omaha, we went shopping for a sewing machine. (Yes, even Jim came...and he was a big help! I know you are laughing, but he actually did help our decision alot!) I walked out of the store with an amazing sewing machine that has like 30+ different built in is so awesome. (I never, ever, thought I would say that about sewing, and I am sure that I have days that I will be cursing the machine just as much as I am praising it now...)
I know that my future will have a lot of hemming in it due to Baby W, so I figured I should start simple. You know, actually learn how to sew a straight line, etc. Erika, my sis-in-law, brought me some fabric that I could start out with. Thanks, Erika...they will be well used! you go, a burp rag that is far from perfect...but honestly, he is just going to puke on it...ha! The stitch is just one of the 30 that I can do...I am so excited to do more of these...bring it on!
I finally decided that my bump was blog-worthy. This is me at 21 weeks. We have been taking pics every 4 weeks since the very beginning, but they weren't quite preggo pics...more like CHUBBO pics! (Ignore the face...I haven't been able to wear much, if any makeup since about week eyes get all swollen and dry! Tear!)

I have felt so spoiled lately, we have got all sorts of packages coming to our house. Bert sent me some beautiful flowers and chocolate for Valentines day, what a good father-in-law, huh? Laurel sent a HILARIOUS card of a dancing hamster...Cody has been quite entertained by it! Carrie Jo sent me a perfect package full of fun boy stuff! A completely adorable frame, bibs, bath towel with an awesome hoodie, and bath washclothes. She is such a great friend, always doing things that make me feel like the most important person in the world! Aunt Wendy also sent us a package with this in it...

I so wish that I would have thought of that! It is so dang cute! I can't wait to put our little man in it. It was even more fun calling Wendy to tell her thank you, she was laughing the whole time! It made me so happy. She also sent some other adorable clothes and her favorite type of binkie, which she instructed me MUST be taken into the delivery room so that the nurses don't put those HUMONGO binkies in his mouth. I so agree! I want him to like the little tiny binkies, not the massive ones!

By far the most exciting thing that has happened to us lately is that Amanda had her little boy on Friday, February 12. His name, we think, is isn't official yet. He did come to visit one month early, but he is doing pretty good. He is getting some help breathing so he will be in the NICU for about a month, but we are so, so happy that he is here. I totally feel like I am missing out! With Ian and Megan I was able to see them either hours or days after they were born, and I have no idea when I will see Hunter! I bet he can't wait to meet me, either! hehe! I guess I will let him meet his brother and sister first, though...! He is SO HANDSOME, I can't believe how much I stare at his picture! I can't wait to meet you little man!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


My parents came for a visit last Thursday and we had such a great time with them. We had been planning their visit for about a month, and it was perfect timing because they came 1 day after the news of Baby W, so we really needed their love and support. Thursday night I made them this meal, and they loved every bite!
Friday Cody went to school and I showed them a little bit of Omaha. We first went to Cody's school and had a little tour. It was fun for them to see where he spends all of his time...he even showed us his cadaver! Sick! Then we headed to Panara for lunch....O so yummy! Everyone enjoyed their delish, carb-loaded meal. Then we toured Whole Foods, an amazing grocery store. Okay, I don't know if you can even label it a 'grocery' store. All of their food is organic, aka, twice the price! The store is massive and 1/3 of it is buffets of delicious food that you have never experienced before! Mom was in heaven at the all-you-can-buy flax wall, and we had a great time tasting yummy cheeses. I also had to take them to THE MART. Nebraska Furniture Mart is like the only place to get furniture here. There is something for everyone's budget, every brand you can think of, and it has 3-4 different COSTCO size buildings of furniture! CRAZY! We also headed to Hancock Fabrics and the parents got me started on my new adventure of learning how to sew. We figured I better learn quick, Baby W's clothes are going to need some altering. I already headed to another fabric store and I am anxious to start practicing! I am going to start small, with burp cloths and blankets and then when he is born I will move up to little jeans and shirts!
That night we headed to Chipotle, then to the movie Extraordinary Measures. I would definitely tell you to see it, it was a great movie, but maybe just as a rental. We all enjoyed it though.
Saturday we got up, got ready, my dad fixed a few things around the house, (Thanks DAD!) then loaded in the car and headed to Lincoln for a Nebraska vs. Oklahoma basketball game. We of course had to stop at the Cabella's on the way to see how it compared to others we have been in. It was still pretty massive, but Sandy, Ut's is still larger. I ended up with a pair of Privo shoes for $20 and some awesome slippers! Yeah!

The basketball game was at 12:30, and as we pulled up to the building where the game was and got an AMAZING parking spot, we were a little scared that Nebraska didn't have any fans. We were only 1/2 hour early and there was NO ONE there! Well, it turns out that Oklahoma was snowed in, their flight was delayed, and the game had been postponed until 7:00 PM! Ahhh! We drove the hour drive all the way back to Omaha, then loaded in the car again at 5:30 and drove BACK to Lincoln. Who know the 2 hour basketball game would require a 4 hour drive! We had a really good time nonetheless, and my pops even got to meet Tom Osborne, a Nationally known football coach; he was pretty pumped!
The next day we headed to the zoo. Omaha seriously has an awesome zoo. Every time I go I see something I missed the time before. This time we discovered The Leig Jungle....holy cow! It was awesome! I cannot believe how extensive this zoo is! My mom LOVED the Aquarium, I think she could have stayed their for DAYS!

It was pretty chilly out so we probably only saw half of the zoo, but we loved every minute. Well, every minute except for the ones with the snakes, right Mom?!
We had such an amazing time and loved being with the parents all weekend. It was great to show them our home, where Cody goes to school and the city that we live in. We are so happy that they are in our lives and what a strength they are to us. We love you, thanks for visiting!

She rocks!

Seriously, my sister rocks! Amanda made me this Cover up for when Baby W is born and I can't wait to use it! (Obviously, I put it on right when I opened the package!) She even made an adorable burp cloth to go with it! I can't wait until I can sew like her, which probably isn't far away considering I need to learn to sew quick so I can start altering Baby W's clothes! Thanks Amanda, YOU ROCK!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby W's Journey

We have decided to start a blog about our new journey with a child who has Skeletal Dysplasia, more commonly known as dwarfism. I will still be using this blog as well, but for all updates on our journey's with Baby W, please