Monday, October 22, 2012

200 DAYS!

 Can you believe it? WE HAVE ALL SURVIVED 200 DAYS!!!! It's a miracle. The past 6 months have flown by. I can't believe my little 5 lb. babies have tripled in size and in personality. It is wild to see them rolling, scooting, and falling all around my house now. They are just starting to notice one another, and boy is it hilarious. They are wrestling, giggling, sucking on heads, toes, and legs all day long.
Dax is my open-mouthed smiler. He smiles all the time, even when he is crying you can get him to crack a big smile for you. He rarely sheds a tear...although lately when he falls down from sitting up he wails pretty good. He has been tempermental lately because Barrett can scoot circles around him, while he, um, just spins in circles:) He can crawl, too...only backwards! Poor kid just gets farther and farther away from every toy that he wants. It's so sad!
Barrett, O how this boy giggles. He laughs so hard at the most random times. Even when he is in his crib half asleep he starts giggling. He loves to be tickled, loves to attack whatever he can with his mouth, and is full of grunts. Lately he likes to steal his brothers toys and scoot away as fast as he can. He can now get to me wherever I am...bye bye alone days:) He is our resident drama dude. He can be laughing his head off one minute, only to be in tears 5 seconds later. We love it though!
Just recently we have a little bit of a schedule. They eat 5 times a day, nap 2 long naps (haha...this is my make believe world schedule:)) and one short nap. Seriously everyone that I am around can't believe how happy our little men are. They are the best kiddos, even when they are dog tired they try their best to put on a good face. They make me laugh every day, especially when they are interacting.
I couldn't be more grateful for my 3 boys. They make my day to day all worth it. I love you boys!