Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love these girls

I just had to share a super fun evening I had last week. It was Ali's birthday, and Teddy and I surprised her with a girls night out! It was so extremely fun. Pete (Al's hubb) blindfolded her, walked her around the neighborhood (aka the parking lot with 1 screaming Anders and 1 happy Owen) until he sat her in my car and off we went!
We went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and shared pizza, lettuce wraps, and a to die for Greek Salad. Then off to the mall for a shopping spree! Pete supplied the funds for her shopping and we went crazy buying her stuff left and right. Then we went to Whole Foods for some amazing homemade gelato and a really gross white chocolate coconut cookie thing. At least the gelato was worth going there for! It was so fun, I wish we could repeat it every weekend. These two girls make each and every day so much better for me...I already dread two years from now when they leave Omaha...tear...let's not talk about it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are you ready?!

Seriously, are you ready for a MAJOR LONG post?! I have so much to update on...where to begin?
Well, the last week in May Cody and I took a little vacation to Rhodes, IA to play a course in the top 100 golf courses in the country. It was so beautiful. It was only 3 hours away so that was great! We spent the night at a perfect little hotel with a balcony looking over hole #2-so pretty.

We made a pit stop in Des Moines, Iowa on the way to the course. They have a super big, nice mall and...well...that's about it. I did get some new mineral makeup at the mall(thanks for the recommendation Wendy) and so far I really like it. It is a little time consuming but my face does feel cleaner and clearer!

Next...sushi night! We had our best friends over, Scott and Teddy, and we had a sushi night! We had so much fun, all of us were making it together.

We even decided to FRY entire sushi rolls...O my gosh! They were out of this world. Not to mention SOO healthy...ha. We also made sticky rice with mango coconut sauce. TO DIE FOR. That recipe will be on my food blog soon!

Okay...I can't even believe this one...3 year anniversary! June 23, 2007 we were married and it has been 3 years. It seems so short and so long. I feel like we have been married forever. We went golfing and out to P.F. Chang's. It was a great day, and I love, love, love the man I am married to. I can't say that enough. We are perfect for eachother!
We headed out Golfing to Iron Horse, a course just outside of Omaha. It is super nice, and it was so super fun. We went with Scott and Teddy and it was so fun to have Teddy for company out there on the course. We have such a blast together, and so do the boys so it is great. They golfed in a tourney at the same course a week after and WON! They are so awesome, and winning always makes it better.

Alright, last but not least. We headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota this past weekend for a getaway. It was so much fun...We couldn't believe how CLEAN this city was! Really, there was not trash anywhere! When we pulled into downtown Cody said, "Whoa, it's like we are on another planet!" The buildings were super was unreal.

Our hotel was so was downtown in the middle of all the hustle and bussle.(sp?!?!) We spent an entire day at the Mall of America! It was so much fun...we shopped our hearts out. There was a Nordstrom. Need I say more? Seriously made us so happy! We used to go to Nords every week when we lived in Provo, just to go, not to buy anything! We were in La-la land, it was great. We also loved the Puma store, Nike store, and Nordstrom Rack. The mall was SO huge, there were 520 stores and 26 rides in the middle of the mall. There was a huge movie theater and a mini putt course. We went to the movie Eclipse and both loved it! What is not to love?! Vampires, Werewolves, yeah! (heheh mom?!)
We ate at a totally awesome restaurant called Crave. We had a sushi roll, calamari from heaven, and GRILLED caesar salad. After we left we found out that they are in the process of building the same restaurant in Omaha! O my gosh we were so excited. It should open in the fall and we can't wait to eat there.

We also ate a JUICY LUCY. A super juicy burger STUFFED with cheese. Cody found this hometown favorite on Food Wars on Food Network. I am so glad, WE are so glad, that we went. This burger was awesome! We are already trying to figure out how to make our own perfect Juicy Lucy...I am sure that you will hear about it when we make them!

And...what is a vacation without some golf?! We hit up a course just outside of Minneapolis, and it was really neat. They all are! We had a great time, except for the first 5 holes...rain, rain, o yeah, some more rain! It was absolutely pouring.
O the of Warner! I spoke with the photographer from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep a few days ago, she said in the next week we should have our pictures. O my heavens I can't wait to see them.
We are also heading back to Billings for a weekend! We are elated. Cody is going to play in the yearly golf tourney, the Tangle, at Briarwood with my pops, and I am going to enjoy our families, especially my 2 nephews and niece! I can't even talk about it I just get so anxious!