Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hello Family!

If you are a brother, sister, family, in-law, aunt, uncle, cousin...etc click
for some exciting news!

He got the HINT(S)!

Many of you may remember this picture....more than 6 months ago...

I have been asking my brother, Nate, to get me a Komatsu sweatshirt FOREVER! At Christmas in 2007, I took this picture and sent it to my about a BIG, FAT HINT! Finally, three days wish came true!

I got my very own Komatsu sweatshirt! Woo-hoo! I am going to wear it every stinking day NATE! Thanks bro!

Monday, June 23, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

I can't even believe it! 
Cody and I have been married for 1 year. 
To tell you the truth, it feels like longer! I feel like I just know every little thing about him and I love it all! It is so amazing being married to your best friend, I just can't imagine anything else.

We had quite the day! Basically, we just spent the entire day together, and that is all that we needed! I woke up early and made Cody one of our favorites, Cinnamon Stack Biscuits. We sure gobbled them down quick! Then we watched a slideshow that I put together of pictures from our first year of marriage! It was fun to sit back and see the year replayed in front of us! Then we got ready slowly, and, of course, played some Mario Kart Wii! It is honestly a daily NEED for us! We just love it! We went to my VERY favorite sandwich shop in Billings, Off Main Deli, for lunch. It was SOOOOO yummy! I even got a bag of cheetos...sooooo not characteristic of me. I don't think that I have eaten more than 5 chips in the last year, let alone a whole mini-bag! They were yummy though, just like my sandwich. 
I know that you are all just wondering...did we GOLF?! Of COURSE WE DID! We played 18 holes at Lake hills, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Barely even a breeze! We stopped after nine and got a really healthy, romantic dinner...HOT DOGS! hehe! Actually, they were just perfect and we were both extremely satisfied. Each of us played very well, so that always makes golfing even more enjoyable.

And of course, the presents. Cody totally out-did me, like always, so I will tell you what I got him first! I gave him a blue Nike Fit Golf shirt from his new favorite store, the Tee Box. It looks so nice on him!  He gave me....drumroll please...

CARRIE UNDERWOOOD TICKETS! We are going to see her in Salt Lake City on November 19! I absolutely cannot wait! What a great hubby I have! We are planning a mini-vacation to Glacier National park as a late Anniversary get away in the near future, so that will be fun as well!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Brianne and Lana are coming to visit me on 
August 7-10
For those of you who don't know, Brianne is my best friend that I met at BYU-Idaho. She now lives in Seattle with her hubby, Dan, who is almost as amazing as she is! They just had Baby Lana one month ago, and she is adorable. I am so excited to meet her, let alone see Breen who I haven't seen since my wedding, 1 year ago! She is going to fly in on the 7th and then we will drive to Lovell, WY. She has a lot of extended family there, so I am sure that Lana is going to get all sorts of attention! I am going to stay there until Sunday and then there will be a sad, sad departure...who knows when we will see eachother again. Anyway, I can't WAIT! The countdown begins....

Monday, June 16, 2008

The SUN has visited Billings!

Well, finally, the nice weather is here! I am so happy! Summer brings so many fun times. I am especially excited to see all of the flowers blooming everywhere. My amazing mother-in-law is 100% dedicated to her flowers, and they are beautiful! I get to see them every day when I walk out the front door, pull up to the house, etc. I am so glad that she  has such a love for flowers, and I truly think that it will make me want to have them at my house when I have one! All of the bright colors have the ability to change my mood in an instant! I love taking walks and seeing all of the beauty around me, and not being miserable because of the weather!

Another fun thing is playing outside with the kiddos! Whitney and Halle got this awesome AND MASSIVE blow-up toy! They are so cute in it just bouncing around everywhere...obviously it is hard to get a good pic with all of the excitement! But, just know that they love every minute of it! They did come in after a few minutes because, "It just too hot, I hot!" They are so adorable! On Father's day we got to go to Will and Wendy's for dinner...(thank heavens because he was the only father we had to celebrate with! Bert was in Argentina and my dad was in North Dakota! We did visit Grandpa Stott and he filled the void as well!) Anyway, dinner was wonderful, and there was more playing outside with the girls. I played ring around the rosy with them and it was so cute to see them fall down like 5 seconds after "all we all fall down!" 

And last, but of course not least, I am happy for the weather because we get to GOLF! Woo-hoo! Hopefully this can be the first week that we can officially golf Monday, Wednesday, AND Saturday (Tues and Thurs are Men's league)! I sure hope that it all works out and the rain stays away! My game is slowly getting better...solely accredited to my wonderful coach, Mr. Cody Winterholler. He is so dang patient with me! I love to learn from him all of his amazing golf skills! 


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It is official, I am already addicted to Mario Kart Wii. Yes, as depressing as it is, we have had it for a mere 3 hours and I can already feel the time being sucked out of my days from this pointless game. But O! The enjoyment it brings! Even with my hubby next to me screaming 
"I WIN!" 
in a little kid voice! I recommend for each of you to spend your spare moments playing this game, that way everyone is wasting time on it, not just me!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two Weeks...honestly!

Wow, I have seriously been doggin' it on the posting! Sorry to all of you faithful blog-stalkers...(the 5 that I have!)
Life has been busy lately, therefore I apologize in advance for the random post...
Cody and I are teaching primary together...go figure! At first we were just subbing for the we found out that we are "long-term subs", aka, teaching the class for the summer! hehe! It is fun because we are teaching together, but it is definitely a different experience than going to the regular classes. Let's just say I am so glad that my goofy husband is doing it along with me!

To golf and be struck by lightening, or not to golf at all? This is a discussion Cody and I had on the golf course this past week. We have been so golf deprived that despite the clouds, we decided to take a chance. By about the 3rd hole we were hearing thunder. If you know me, I over-reacted a little bit...just a little bit...and said to Cody,
"Great, we are going to get struck by lightening and die out here!"
My husband, in a rather ecstatic voice replied,
"Sweet! That is my dream to die on a golf course!"

Next, we finally finished the old school Star Wars! I have never seen them! I know, it sounds crazy, that is why we had to watch them all. We have been watching them for a while, but we were having a hard time finding the 3rd one. We rented it at blockbuster last night...and despite me absolutely HATING Jabba the Hut, the rest of it was great! I just want to keep a little Ewok as a pet!

And finally...we tracked down a Wii for Grandma Laurel to have when the kids come over! (Okay, so really, we have just wanted to play Mario Kart Wii since it has come out, but it will be great for the little grandkids too!) We have been playing it today and have had a lot of fun. Okay, so WE haven't had a ton of fun, but CODY has! He is quite the little winner! For those of you who play games with people who always wins, honestly, it gets annoying! Cody is the stud of all video games, so I still have fun, I just have to get used to the idea of LOSING and having fun! hehe!

My mom and I have been on a try new recipes cooking craze lately, and we made curry last week and key lime pie this week! Both recipes have turned out great and ended up making the food blog! It makes me so dang happy to cook, I honestly enjoy it so much. I can't wait until I can stay home all day and just whip up yumminess for my husband, kids, and friends! 

Well, until next time....cook the new recipes, watch the three star wars, buy a Wii, and don't get struck by lightening! ha!