Monday, June 23, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

I can't even believe it! 
Cody and I have been married for 1 year. 
To tell you the truth, it feels like longer! I feel like I just know every little thing about him and I love it all! It is so amazing being married to your best friend, I just can't imagine anything else.

We had quite the day! Basically, we just spent the entire day together, and that is all that we needed! I woke up early and made Cody one of our favorites, Cinnamon Stack Biscuits. We sure gobbled them down quick! Then we watched a slideshow that I put together of pictures from our first year of marriage! It was fun to sit back and see the year replayed in front of us! Then we got ready slowly, and, of course, played some Mario Kart Wii! It is honestly a daily NEED for us! We just love it! We went to my VERY favorite sandwich shop in Billings, Off Main Deli, for lunch. It was SOOOOO yummy! I even got a bag of cheetos...sooooo not characteristic of me. I don't think that I have eaten more than 5 chips in the last year, let alone a whole mini-bag! They were yummy though, just like my sandwich. 
I know that you are all just wondering...did we GOLF?! Of COURSE WE DID! We played 18 holes at Lake hills, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Barely even a breeze! We stopped after nine and got a really healthy, romantic dinner...HOT DOGS! hehe! Actually, they were just perfect and we were both extremely satisfied. Each of us played very well, so that always makes golfing even more enjoyable.

And of course, the presents. Cody totally out-did me, like always, so I will tell you what I got him first! I gave him a blue Nike Fit Golf shirt from his new favorite store, the Tee Box. It looks so nice on him!  He gave me....drumroll please...

CARRIE UNDERWOOOD TICKETS! We are going to see her in Salt Lake City on November 19! I absolutely cannot wait! What a great hubby I have! We are planning a mini-vacation to Glacier National park as a late Anniversary get away in the near future, so that will be fun as well!


Ashley Wray said...

Happy one year! Oh, where does the time go? Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day! Love off Main Deli, so delish! And Carrie Underwood, so fun!

Brian and chelsea said...

yay for anniversaries!
of course, we all know what "got ready reaaallly slooowly" actually mean.... ;)
Isnt it funny how you really feel like its been so much longer than it actually has? i totally know whatcha mean. And how you feel like you know everything about your hub... yeah, totally. like I can predict what Brian will do in any situation. Except I bet you didnt know he was going to get ya Underwood tix! So exciting! I bet youre just going to die having to wait 5 months.... but itll go by fast, just like everything else in life

The Jarvis Family said...

Already!!?? What?? That went way too fast! I cant believe it! I remember when you were planning the big day! Congratulations on such a great year together and many many eternities to come! What a great couple you guys are! I miss you!! Oh and the Carrie Underwood concert!! Gosh I wish she wasnt as pretty as me!!! hahahahehehehehehehehahahah!!! That will be a killer concert! I love that girl so much! She's hot! Glad to hear things are going great for you guys!

Mark and Stef said...

Happy (belated) one year! I can't believe you have already been married a year, it seems like just yesterday when Lindsey was asking you (and me) all the dirty questions! Ha ha I just miss you so much. I promise I'll call you soon!

Em and Bart said...

Wow a year already! That's crazy. I love the picture you have on the top of your blog, that is so cute. It sounds like you had a fun anniversary! I always love looking at your blog.

Idaho Hodges said...

Congrats!! It's gone by fast. I wish I could go too. I think I'll be a little busy with the new one. We'll have to get your opinion on the name challenge. This baby's going to be nameless. Any way love you guys.

virjennifer said...

Happy anniversary!
I love Carrie too, you're going to have so much fun!!