Monday, June 16, 2008

The SUN has visited Billings!

Well, finally, the nice weather is here! I am so happy! Summer brings so many fun times. I am especially excited to see all of the flowers blooming everywhere. My amazing mother-in-law is 100% dedicated to her flowers, and they are beautiful! I get to see them every day when I walk out the front door, pull up to the house, etc. I am so glad that she  has such a love for flowers, and I truly think that it will make me want to have them at my house when I have one! All of the bright colors have the ability to change my mood in an instant! I love taking walks and seeing all of the beauty around me, and not being miserable because of the weather!

Another fun thing is playing outside with the kiddos! Whitney and Halle got this awesome AND MASSIVE blow-up toy! They are so cute in it just bouncing around everywhere...obviously it is hard to get a good pic with all of the excitement! But, just know that they love every minute of it! They did come in after a few minutes because, "It just too hot, I hot!" They are so adorable! On Father's day we got to go to Will and Wendy's for dinner...(thank heavens because he was the only father we had to celebrate with! Bert was in Argentina and my dad was in North Dakota! We did visit Grandpa Stott and he filled the void as well!) Anyway, dinner was wonderful, and there was more playing outside with the girls. I played ring around the rosy with them and it was so cute to see them fall down like 5 seconds after "all we all fall down!" 

And last, but of course not least, I am happy for the weather because we get to GOLF! Woo-hoo! Hopefully this can be the first week that we can officially golf Monday, Wednesday, AND Saturday (Tues and Thurs are Men's league)! I sure hope that it all works out and the rain stays away! My game is slowly getting better...solely accredited to my wonderful coach, Mr. Cody Winterholler. He is so dang patient with me! I love to learn from him all of his amazing golf skills! 



Ashley Wray said...

Yay for hot weather (as long as you have air conditioning at least!) Sounds like your enjoying your summer, what are you going to do when you head back to Utah? I guess Ian and Megan will keep you entertained! Any big plans for your anniversary?

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

You have to teach me how to hit a golf ball when I am out there! I have always wanted to do that. I love your short hair by the way...