Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two Weeks...honestly!

Wow, I have seriously been doggin' it on the posting! Sorry to all of you faithful blog-stalkers...(the 5 that I have!)
Life has been busy lately, therefore I apologize in advance for the random post...
Cody and I are teaching primary together...go figure! At first we were just subbing for the we found out that we are "long-term subs", aka, teaching the class for the summer! hehe! It is fun because we are teaching together, but it is definitely a different experience than going to the regular classes. Let's just say I am so glad that my goofy husband is doing it along with me!

To golf and be struck by lightening, or not to golf at all? This is a discussion Cody and I had on the golf course this past week. We have been so golf deprived that despite the clouds, we decided to take a chance. By about the 3rd hole we were hearing thunder. If you know me, I over-reacted a little bit...just a little bit...and said to Cody,
"Great, we are going to get struck by lightening and die out here!"
My husband, in a rather ecstatic voice replied,
"Sweet! That is my dream to die on a golf course!"

Next, we finally finished the old school Star Wars! I have never seen them! I know, it sounds crazy, that is why we had to watch them all. We have been watching them for a while, but we were having a hard time finding the 3rd one. We rented it at blockbuster last night...and despite me absolutely HATING Jabba the Hut, the rest of it was great! I just want to keep a little Ewok as a pet!

And finally...we tracked down a Wii for Grandma Laurel to have when the kids come over! (Okay, so really, we have just wanted to play Mario Kart Wii since it has come out, but it will be great for the little grandkids too!) We have been playing it today and have had a lot of fun. Okay, so WE haven't had a ton of fun, but CODY has! He is quite the little winner! For those of you who play games with people who always wins, honestly, it gets annoying! Cody is the stud of all video games, so I still have fun, I just have to get used to the idea of LOSING and having fun! hehe!

My mom and I have been on a try new recipes cooking craze lately, and we made curry last week and key lime pie this week! Both recipes have turned out great and ended up making the food blog! It makes me so dang happy to cook, I honestly enjoy it so much. I can't wait until I can stay home all day and just whip up yumminess for my husband, kids, and friends! 

Well, until next time....cook the new recipes, watch the three star wars, buy a Wii, and don't get struck by lightening! ha!


ensadler said...

We too have been getting a lot of rain although the days are nice if you can stand the heat and humidity. You could come golf here!! I am excited to play the Wii! See ya in August!

chelsea mckell said...

do you ever watch Rachel Ray? I think you would LOVE her cooking segments. You should start your own show (via you-tube, itd be awesome).
If you guys die golfing, can I have your Wii?

Ashley Wray said...

Oh, so you guys are still alive! Haha, you just have a life besides blogging and I guess that's ok :) I've never seen all the Star Wars either, just bits and pieces of both. Since seeing Indiana Jones, Andrew and I have been watching the old ones. Sounds like you're surviving and having fun (golf and a Wii, I won't tell Andrew, he'll be jealous!) keep the updates coming!