Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Home. O how I love HOME! Not so much the place, the food, or the travel time...but the people. Pretty much everyone that I love was home this weekend. (No, not everyone, I missed the other family members!) But, my sister, her kiddos, and my brother all traveled to B-town this weekend. It couldn't have been any better! I also got to see my amazing family in law and my awesome friends. I was busy 99% of the 3 days that I was there, and it was perfect...Read on to hear what I did!
Friday: I will give you $5 if you can guess where my family and I ate out...FUDDS! I probably remember eating out about 1 time every 6 weeks or so growing up, and every time, it was Fuddruckers. I love it...I am always trying to get Cody to go to Fudds with me in Omaha, but he just doesn't have the deep rooted love for it like I do! It was so yummy to chow there with the fam.
Then...dun dun dun! I got to go and see my parents new, finished house! YippEE! It was so awesome to go through it for the first time. If I say so myself, my dad makes a dang good general contractor and my mom makes an outstanding interior decorator. Maybe I will enlist them in a couple of years...
Friday night Nate, Amanda and I stayed up late and chatted. It was so much fun. I miss my sibling so much, it was great to catch up. My fave was probably Nate laughing his head of at some pictures we were taking on Nate's ipad. So funny.

Okay, I am rambling. Let's see...other highlights...
Baby shower for my bestest cousin, bestest friend, gonna-be-an-amazing momma woman, Katie! I also got to take a few maternity shots of her and Millie. I can't wait to meet this little princess.

Branding baby! It wouldn't be a trip to the ranch without some branding! The boys were tough stuff, and Katie and I were pretty awesome walking around the manure-filled field in our fancy shoes and girly clothes! Ha! Good thing I was just on picture duty...

After branding I visited my awesome friend, Carrie Jo. Her and her hubby just built a brand new house, and it was such a blast to chat with them and see their awesome new pad! The only bad part is that I couldn't stay longer!
Saturday afternoon was the best part of my trip. I know, sorry everyone, but this little guy won me over. When I pulled up to the cemetery, I was just hoping and praying that Warner's stone would be in, and it was! I literally jumped from the car and ran to see it. It couldn't be any more perfect. It was amazing to sit and chat with him. My dad and I went back on Monday and he dropped Warner off a golf ball...It looked awesome with his stone!

Saturday night we hung out as a fam. We had a great dinner, then did a photoshoot of my cute niece and nephews. They have so much personality, it was such a blast trying to get some good shots of them. We actually ended up with way too many! They are some stinking cute kiddos.  I will put up more pics on my photo blog soon. After pictures, we had a bon fire with Joel and Robbin's family, it was such a perfect night.

Sunday was pretty relaxing, and I got to visit Cody's family. O man, I couldn't have married into a better fam. They are so much fun. It was great to see Will, Wendy, and their kids. I couldn't believe how big they all were! Man I miss the whole Winterholler clan so much, can't wait to get back and see them more often.

Monday we hit up the splash pool, visited with grandma and grandpa, then dad and I chilled for a few hours. It was so fun to spend time just with him. I am a daddy's girl, that if for sure. Between the Blizzard nazi and the fake flower decorater lady, we had our fair share of laughs.

Overall, my weekend at home was completely and totally worthwhile. I missed Cody so much, and I think he missed me too:) He kept himself pretty entertained, and our friends definitely helped out with that as well. We have a fun, busy weekend ahead, so I am sure there will be some additional posts to come! Don't forget to check out the photo blog, there are going to be alot of updates soon!