Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tagged: Engagement Story

So, I am not a HUGE fan of "tagging"....however, I thought that this one was fun. Emily Walker/Anderson tagged me, and it was so fun to hear her engagement story. Yes, I had already heard it, but it was fun to hear it almost two years later and remember all of the cute details. Here it goes...

Typical Saturday in early Spring, what does Cody do? GOLF! So, I was not suspicious at all. We went out to the course at about 1 o'clock. We hadn't made a tee time, so Cody just asked if we could get in sometime. The lady was like, "It is super busy, you can probably get on the back nine right now, but make sure that you keep up your pace". Cody replies, "O...she's (pointing to me) not very good, we better wait until a later tee time when it slows down a little." (Good way to start off the day you are gonna propose, huh?!!? No, I am not the best, but little did I know there was more to that insult...!
We came back to the course at our 5 p.m. tee time. I was playing great! We were on the back 9, which is the mountain course. Cody was having some difficulty with his he was nervous or something...hmm...(of course I didn't notice this until later when he told me his scores on those holes.) Anyway, I did great on 11, and I got a par on 12, so I was so dang excited, that doesn't happen often and I could feel that I was going to have a good game! Cody teed up at 13 and hit a decent shot. I was up next. I teed up my ball, and hit a BEAUTIFUL shot! It was just on the right of the fairway, and I was so excited. Well, Cody thought differently. He said, "O, you better hit another shot". I was like, "Okay, but that was good, c'mon!" Anyway, I figured he would want me to change something about my shot, and he is a great coach. So, I started walking to the cart to get another ball. He was like... "Here, use this one." Then he teed up my ball for me. I got lined up, looked down at the ball, and...
It was perfectly centered, beautiful, shimmering in the light...and next to it Cody got on one knee, spread his arms, and said, "Chelsea, Will you Mar-" Yep, that is about how far he got before I tackeld him, right there on the tee box!

The 5 people that I tag....and that need to tag 5 others are:
Amanda Smith, Ally Mack, Stefanie Delorey, Erika Sadler, and Kathleen Wright.


Brian and chelsea said...

awww.... so fun to read!
and although I should feel left out for not being tagged... Im actually really glad.

Em and Bart said...

I LOVE that picture of you guys. That is such a good picture! And I loved hearing your story, very Cody! By the way I should be in bed, it is WAY too late to be checking blogs!