Monday, August 4, 2008

The test is OVER, FOREVER!

Let’s start out with some really FUN news…Cody is DONE studying for the DAT! He took it today, Monday, and he did AMAZING! He got a 19, he raised his score by two points, and improved all of his averages! The one that I want to brag about is perceptual ability…this one is really hard, it is all about viewing different angles, objects, stuff that is really over my head. Anyway, he scored a 25 on this section, which is in the 99.7 percentile in the NATION! Talk about a stud! All of his hard work paid off and we are so, so happy that the DAT is over! Now we just wait for interviews, dun, dun, dun…!!!

Now on to the rest of life…holy busy-ness! Ha! We have been running around like crazy lately! I feel like we are just trying to squeeze in every possible fun thing that we can before we head back to Utah!

Where to begin?! Well, We’ll start with LAST Weekend. Nate, Alexsis, Amanda, Kevin and their kids were here, AND Dad and Cody were in a golf tourney at Briarwood, the Tangle.

Let’s start with the family time. It was great to have everyone here even though it was a crazy house! Nate and Alexsis were here for their 10-year reunion…oldies! They seemed to have fun getting together with old pals. We were able to eat meals together here and there and spend a little time with them. Amanda and Kevin were here for a couple days after Nate and Alexsis left. We went to Big splash with the kiddos, it was so cute! Ian was scared to go down the slides basically every time that he got to the top, and then once he went down he wanted to go again! Meggie looked so cute in her little swimsuit!

We also had a big bon fire with the whole fam out on the ranch. We roasted marshmallows and we were all nice and stinky when we were done! Thanks to Carson, Madi and mom for gathering all of the rocks; and Dad, Kevin and Cody for putting the pit together! Who knew that my non-boy scout hubby was such a good fire starter?!

Now for the tourney…it is the biggest tourney of the year, and it is a member-non-member one at Briarwood. Dad chose Cody to play with him, and they had a blast! They played 3 straight 18-hole days and had an absolute ball. The boys had a good laugh each day because dad like the Red Sox, and Cody likes the Yankees...well, I think he just 'likes' them because dad doesn't, but it is fun to tease each other nonetheless. The best part of it, to my mom and I, was the derby. There were about 100 golf carts driving on the course, all to watch 10 teams play a few holes! (One of the teams was Uncle Joel’s, so that definitely jazzed it up a bit!) It was so hilarious to see all of those golf carts just going crazy all over the course! There was also a delicious prime rib dinner for the players and their wives. Now, the best part to dad and Cody was something different…they took 5th place out of like 80 teams and won $500 a piece! They are studs! 

Upcoming this week…Brianne and Lana come to visit…woo-hoo!!



Brian and chelsea said...

Congrats to Cody!!! That is awesome - I guess those bizillions of hours of studying paid off! I cant wait to see where you guys end up going to school.

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

yay for Lana and Brianne coming to visit!!!

cody's a stud

Ashley Wray said...

So nice to have stuff like that over and done with! You'll have to let us know about interviews and which schools etc! Love the pics of Cody and your dad, they just look like best buddies! Enjoy your last few weeks in Billings!

Ally Mack said...

Congrats on the test! I bet it's so so so nice to have out of the way. Sounds like you are having a fun summer. When do you guys head back to Utah?

Oh, I made my blog private so if you want to e-mail me so I have your e-mail to email you an invite.