Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update on the W-holler's!

Notice the pictures above...my hubby absolutley will NOT just SMILE normal for pics! He is quite the jokester...It took quite a bit of force for the last one...and up close it is a pretty cheeser smile! Gotta love him!
Our life has not been the most eventful life as of late. 
Cody is studying his little but off! He is getting ready to take the DAT in the beginning of August, and he is so diligent. I honestly know that I would not be disiplined enough to study as much as he is. He works all day then comes home and studies for 3+ hours...talk about a stud! I know that he is going to do great on his test.
On top of studying, we are in the midst of secondary applications to dental schools. This is a great thing, because it means that after reviewing Cody's first application they liked what they saw and are sending us a follow-up. It is rather time consuming however! Lots of essays, lots of money, and lots of effort! But, in the end it will be worth it, obviously! Cody applied to 12 dental schools, so we hope to hear from a lot of them! Our parents, on the other hand, are hoping not to hear from schools like VCU...it is in Virginia...too far away for them!
While Cody is studying I have tried to stay productive! I have been a digi-scrapbook addict, which is so fun! I have done pages of nieces and nephews for practice and I am starting to do our New York trip. It seems like it would be easy, but it does still take quite a bit of artistic ability, which I do not have! But, I am enjoying playing with photoshop and trying to learn new effects and such. Wendy has been a great asset to me in learning more tricks in that crazy-hard program! 
Grandpa, Grandma, my mom and I also went to the Summer Concert Series here in Billings last Thursday. It was so fun to be with people I love in the nice weather and listen to some fun musicians!
We are leaving Billings in 5 weeks! I can't believe how fast time goes by. I am so sad to have to leave our family behind! However, there are lots of fun times ahead of us! Two of my good friends in Utah both had babies, so I will get to see them soon. Also....Amanda will have a baby in not too long! I can't wait to have another nephew and spend time with Ian and Meggie too. I have missed Amanda so much being here, I need my big sis! Anyway, enough rambling...thanks for catching up on our lives.


Ashley Wray said...

You 2 are such a cute couple, and Cody, you are quite the cheeser, I must agree! Only 5 more weeks? Well live it up! I'm sure Mandy is dying to get you back to Utah with her! Good luck with the dental school applications! Keep us posted!

Brian and chelsea said...

that must be montana vocabulary...
hey - you didnt talk bout YOUR job!
hows it going?

Em and Bart said...

Wow, this summer has gone by fast! I am going to Utah in a few weeks for a friends weeding and I was thinking I would just ask to stay with you and then I was like oh wait they are in Billings! You look really cute in those pictures by the way. Tell Cody nice work on all of the hard studying, he will do great.

Brianne, Dan and Lana!! said...

love your haircut!

KyleandAmanda said...

Hey Chelsea! This is Amanda (griffin). Andrea said that you had a fun food blog so I had to check it out. I also noticed that Cody was applying for dental school. My husband, Kyle is a third year at the University of Louisville. Did Cody apply there? Good luck with all the studying I know haw boring it can get!

adorable pearsons said...

It's so sad that I got your life update through the blog and we live in teh same town! We really want to have to guys over for some games and dessert- so pick a night and give us a call :)! Really though we do want to spend some time with you before you take off again.

virjennifer said...

How exciting, good luck with all that future stuff. :)
I need you to teach me your tricks on PS because I don't know any for scrap booking. I want to start but because of a lack of time and know-how I'm a sitting duck.

Where will you be moving to? Anywhere in the boundaries of Provo 3rd Ward perhaps? :)