Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two showers...for two babies! (and their mommy)

Baby shower #2 was this weekend! I feel so loved, it is amazing the great family and friends that I have. My awesome friends Chantell, Ali, and Teddy worked so hard to make it perfect, and it was! It was a "Mommy to BEE" shower. Everything was "bee" themed.

The pic above is me, Chantell, and Brooklee. The decorations were sooooo adorable. Yellow and gray (my faves) everything. There were beehives, a diaper cake, these adorable clotheslines, balloons, hanging decorations, take-home party favors, and multiple other cute things! I have so many photos but I tried to narrow it down!

For the start of the shower we played 2 cute games, questions about the mommy to "bee" and a candy bar game. They were both so cute, ones that I will use for sure at the next shower I throw!

Me, Teddy, and Ali. After games we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Soup bowls (which I now want to enjoy every day!) with 3 different soups, a fruit and veggie tray, and desserts that I couldn't keep my hands off of! Then it was on to the gifts...

Baby A's blanket.

Baby B's blanket. Teddy worked so hard on these two blankets and they are so worth it! They are perfect! I love everything about them, the color, the size, the boys are gonna use these forever and ever.
Me and Crystal. So many of my great friends came to the shower, and SO many people were way too generous with their gifts! It is amazing to me that everyone that came really loves me and these boys. I can't wait for the boys to meet them all. I loved every minute of my shower, thank you to everyone that came, that slaved over it for hours! I will never forget!

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