Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 weeks

Every time I look at my precious boys I can't believe they were both smashed inside of me not too long ago.
As they grow more every day it seems just a distant memory having the squirm and hiccup in my tummy. They still get hiccups at the same time and it cracks me up knowing that they were in sync in my belly, and they still are!
They have been super babies. They eat, they play, they sleep. Thank heavens for my mom. She wakes me up at night to feed them, then tenderly rocks them until they are content enough to go to sleep. We have had good nights and bad nights, mostly because of Barrett. He really likes to hang out with grandma after the 2am feeding:) If she wasn't so dang nice maybe he would rather just lay in his crib! hehe. Last night they slept for 4 hour stretches 2 different times, yay! I feel extremely refreshed today, a feeling I haven't had in, o, about 9 months and 2 weeks! haha.
I can't believe how amazing of a mom I have. She tends to the boys' every need without a question. I feel like I have flashbacks to when I was a baby...and realize how much she loved me then, treated me like a princess, and she still does that today. She will have been here for 16 days to help with the boys, and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is such a joy in my life. Honestly, she is interested in anything and everything that surrounds her, and it makes life so much more fun! I need to be more like my sweet momma.
This weekend my brother and dad are flying in. I can't wait to see these little boys in their big, big arms. It will be so sweet.
Wow. WOW. Babies have to eat. Often. Like I can't believe how much time I spend planted on the couch or in my perfect rocking chair feeding my boys! Missy told me she just loves feeding in the middle of the night and having her kiddos big eyes stare up at her. She can feel how close they are to the veil, and knows that they remember their time before they came to earth. I have begun to think that at night now, too. I love to have those sweet moments with the boys.

Barrett tucks his lower lip in. It is adorable. He has recently found his fingers to suck on and I love that. He gets a little more attention than Dax because he is a little more fussy. It makes me miss Dax sometimes. I have been trying to cuddle Dax whenever I can so he still feels the love:)

Dax loves his hands. They are always by his face, always. He smiles at us at least 10 times a day and it is pure joy. He is still the smaller guy, but I can see in his little fingers that he is putting on ounces where he can!
Cody is a trooper. A major trooper. 6 finals this week, 4 next week, and about 1 million patients to see in between. He comes home and just wants to love the boys. I can't wait for 1.5 weeks from now when it is CAREFREE summer time! It will be so nice to have him here more often, with his nose not shoved in a book! He has been whipping up dinner for us almost every night, and it has been delightful! Homemade gnocchi, steak filet, his amazing burgers, chicken dishes and all sorts of other fun stuff. Hopefully soon I will start whipping up dinner for him!
Everything is amazing here. Sleepless, lots of work, lots of poop, double the changing/bathing/loving/kissing, but amazing.


Dave said...

So glad things are going well! Try to talk your mom into staying:) Babies do eat often (my 11mo still nurses every 3 hours during the day), but they'll get much faster in a few weeks so it won't be quite as time consuming.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, hang on to the fact that pretty much everything is easier after 6 months (at least that's how it was for us)! Keep the adorable pictures coming!

Ariel Witt said...

Woops, that comment was from me:)

Idaho Hodges said...

love you!! Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!

jody said...

What darling babies lucky you and you were a darling baby too. Glad the mom is still their to help