Friday, April 27, 2012

They came to visit!

O my mom. What on EARTH am I gonna do without her? No really, it has been 3 days now since she left, and it feels so empty here without her. It was so fun to always have someone to chat with, 24 hours a day, even at the 3 am feedings! She was an angel. Literally. She loves these  boys so so so much. Watching her help with the boys made me feel so spoiled! She is the best mom ever! She was so tender and loving, always jumping to the boys (and my:)) every need. It is definitely a busier household around here without her. I keep asking when she is coming back...I could use the extra hands! And the extra love and fun chats from her end! I love you mom, you are amazing, there is no way I could have learned to take care of them without you being here for me. Keep your phone on you, there will be many calls a day!
They came to visit the boys! And me and Cody, of course:) When the boys were 2.5 weeks old, my dad
and brother flew out to meet the new additions. It was so much fun to see these little babies in such big
arms! Dad loved cuddling with them and that was so fun for me to see.  
We did quite a few things when the boys were here, one of which was a zoo trip! It was pretty fun, the boys liked being pushed everywhere by grandpa. 
These boys carried the carseats and pushed the stroller everywhere for me, I am hoping they come back when the boys weigh too much for me to lug around! I loved hanging with Nate. I feel like we rarely see each other so it was a blast to hang for a weekend. 
Below is the rock star herself. She is amazing. I love you and miss you. We can't wait to see you all again soooooooon!


jody said...

Darling pictures! Proud grandparents and a wonderful picture of the tiny boys with the grandpa, Thanks for sharing you two did a great job! PS Im sure the mom is missing those babies as much as you are missing her,

Tara said...

Oh Chels!! They are soo precious!! and you are looking great!! Can't wait to meet them! Hopefully at the family reunion in August???