Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving 2011 was great, great, great. Cody and I slaved all day over yumminess! We had a blast doing it, and everything turned out more than delicious. I enjoyed every minute of just hanging with the hubbs. We also did our fare share of shopping, with plenty of resting in between:)  O and the best part...the day after Thanksgiving is decorate the house day. We put up our tree and all of our other decorations, and started a new tradition. Cody makes the best meal...homemade noodles, broth, and mashed potatoes, topped with allspice. I know is sounds crazy, but it is a Winterholler fave. He made it for me as a surprise, I LOVED it! Seriously it was my favorite event of the entire weekend. It will now be a day after Thanksgiving tradition!

On Saturday we watched lots of football, including the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. Ohio was SOOOO close, but lost for the first time in 8 years! Bummer! It was a really good game though. I worked on my niece and nephews Christmas present the whole game, so that kept me a little more entertained. Then we headed to the Durham Museum. They have a REAL tree that they put inside the train station and decorate. It is the BIGGEST Christmas tree I have ever seen! It was really awesome.

Now for the random-ness. This is Ali and Teddy and I on Teddy's birthday, just a cute pic I had to post!

A cute pic of Hubbs and I that I forgot to post!

O and how could I forget to post this picture?! I love these 2 girls, Katie and Lucy. We had a blast hanging out when I went home, and I can't wait to see how much Lucy has grown when we visit again at Christmas! (I bet Lucy will be surprised at how much I have grown, too:) Haha

Here is the latest belly pic. Okay, so this is 16 weeks, and I am 20 weeks now! That's right folks, it's gonna be a big one! 16 weeks to go...lots of room to grow. That's okay, I want these boys big and healthy! Speaking of them...we so can't decide on names. Kinda driving us crazy. I have an appointment with OB tomorrow and perinate on Tuesday, so I am anxious, as always. I keep waiting to NOT be nervous for an appointment, it's just not coming. My faith continues to strengthen that everything is going to be okay, but I think I won't truly believe it until they are here. I am feeling, well...okay. I am about as big as full term with Warner, and feeling about full term. I can't really do full days of work anymore, it is totally killing me! We will see how much longer I last. I am trying so hard to be tough! Not really in my hands though, just gotta listen to the doctor's, and most importantly, the babies! Done with the random-ness. Life is great! 3 weeks of final-filled days for Cody. Ugg. But really, Life couldn't be better. We are so blessed.


Jeff, Crystal & Hudson said...

So happy your Thanksgiving was Great! Good Luck at your doctor appointments! I will be thinking of you!

Marjie said...

I so enjoyed this post--thanks for the update and a little peek into your lives in beautiful Omaha!