Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20 weeks

Deep breaths of relief for everyone! The boys' 20 week ultrasound was today, and hip hip hooray! Everything looks wonderful so far! Their "long" bones, arms and legs, are exactly where they are supposed to be. Kidneys, heart, spine, stomach, and brain look great. These babies couldn't be doing any better. Thank you for this amazing tender mercy, Heavenly Father. Thank you!

In the Picture below, you can see BOTH off the babies feet! On top is Baby B's feet, one tilted horizontally and one tilted to the right. Then there is a white line which is the placenta separation. ON the bottom are Baby A's Feet, his heels closest to the placenta, on one- toes pointing down and the other is tilting to the right. So fun to get both of their feet in one picture! Probably the only thing that will fit in one photo of theirs until they are born!

Look at that spine! It is amazing what you can see on an ultrasound.

Profile shot of Baby B...we didn't get any of him last time!


The Hines Family said...


becca said...

wow! 2 little babies' feet in your belly. so sweet.
So so so happy for you. 20 week ultrasound is always a sigh of relief.... and I can't even imagine the huge relief you feel! chelsea....can't help, but feel you have been prepared to receive these babies --- they are so special!
much love.


Chelsea said...

Yay! Such a relief. I remember almost holding my breath at every appointment until we heard a good heartbeat from both babies. That really is an amazing view of the spine. Can you imagine what it was like 100 years ago when women with twins didn't even know for sure until they gave birth?! Crazy. I'm glad you're posting updates regularly - it's fun keeping up with you!

Jess said...

Yay! Relief for you,indeed. So happy for you!