Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Savior Reading Chart

WE ARE SOOOO DOING THIS! We started tonight, and I can already tell we are going to refresh on our stories of Christ and make this a December to remember!
~Beginning on the first day of December, read one scripture passage a day with your family.  Consider  using your family’s talents by adding special musical numbers and singing together.  When Christmas arrives you will find you have begun a new family tradition that will increase your knowledge of the Savior.  Continue your scripture reading time together each day throughout the year to further strengthen the bonds of your family.
Day,   Event,   Reference,   Jesus Christ
1      Jarius’ Daughter raised,  Luke 8:41-56, Was compassionate
2      Sinful woman forgiven,  Luke 7:36-50, Was forgiving
3      Nobleman’s son healed, John 4:46-53, Had power to heal
4      Temple cleansed, John 2:13-17, Was reverent and opposed to evil
5      Storm calmed, Mark 4:35-41, Had power over elements
6      Children blessed, Mark 10:13-16, Loved children
7      Savior dined with Mary & Martha Luke 10:38-42, Made people happy
8      Savior suffered in Garden of Gethsemane,  Luke 22:41-45, Was Submissive
9      Apostles’ feet washed,  John 13:3-17, Was humble
10      Apostles chosen,   Luke 6:12-13, Was prayerful
11      Christ’s wisdom advanced, Luke 2:51-52, Obeyed parents
12      Christ baptized,   Matthew 3:13-17, Obeyed God’s law
13      Sermon on the Mount,  Matthew 5:2-16, Gave counsel
14      Christ in the temple,  Luke 2:42-49, Taught when twelve years old
15      The Lord’s prayer,  Matthew 6:9-13, Taught proper way to pray
16      Parable of the Sower,  Luke 8:5-16,Taught with stories
17      Parable of the Lost Sheep, Luke 15:4-7, Helped sinners
18      Story of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:29-36, Was kind
19      Promised the Comforter, John 14:26-27,      Promised the Holy Ghost
20      Fishes and loaves shared, Matthew 14:15-21,      Performed miracles
21      Story of Lazarus,  John 11:40-44, Raised the dead
22      Mary’s visitation,  Luke 1:26-33, Is the Son of the Highest
23      Christ’s Birth,   Luke 2:1-11, Fulfilled prophesy
24      Shepherds visited & Wisemen brought gifts,  Matthew 2:9-13 & Luke 2:12-16, Was worshipped as Savior


jessi said...

Chelsea! Thanks for posting this - we will do it too! We made these clothespin advents in Relief Society here in Switzerland, so now I have a use for it!

LisaJones said...

Thanks Chelsea! i was just telling Nick last night that I wanted to start something like this. You have perfect timing!
Merry Christmas! take care of yourself and those sweet babies!We are overjoyed for you!

Jess said...

Great idea! We shall start and play catch-up tonight for Family Home Evening! Thanks for this!

hilaryawb said...


I met you once at Crystal's shower. I live in VG green too. Congrats on the twins! I am so happy for you! I have fraternal twin girls (15 mos). If you ever have any questions please let me know! I love talking twins! They are absolutely the best!

Hilary Baker

Chelsea and Cody said...

Hilary- Thanks for the note! I would love any advice I can get. I am not super stressed yet, but random questions are always coming to my mind! I will definitely take you up on any advice and help you can give!