Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

26! It was a great day. First Cody made me homemade French Toast Sticks. O MY GOSH they were so good! I wish I could somehow bribe him to make them for me 1 time a week instead of 1 time a year! I loved them so much, and seriously, it was so sweet of him. They were beyond delicious. It made my entire birthday!

Then I had a regular OB appointment, boys were moving and grooving in there, so that is always fun! Came home and rested, napped, and hung out with Cody. It was so fun to just chill with him and do whatever I wanted to do! Presents were great, as always. Got a little cashola, a great table runner for Christmas, cuter-than-heck crocheted headband, pasta strainer that I have wanted forever, and an awesome Creighton hoodie (I have been checking them out for months!).

Since my cute friends are out of town for the holiday, we celebrated a little early! The girls made me a delicious lunch, took me to ice cream, and we just chatted our little hearts out. The best part was that they MADE me this pillow! O my heck, is it cute or what? I was seriously so impressed by their sewing skills. I love it!

On the night of my Bday Cody and I went to Biaggi's Italian. Whew. Talk about Italian food! It was amazing, and of course, they gave us way too much food. Seriously, the lady brought Cody enough to feed at least 3 grown men! It was pretty funny. Then we headed to one of our new favorite places, Freddy's steak and shake. We got awesome ice cream, came home and watched Parenthood all night. We are obsessed with that show! So funny, sad, and relatable.

I got to continue celebrating the next day with another cute friend who took me out to lunch and spoiled me to death with a "bored bag". It is full of all types of fun, entertaining items! Books, movies, puzzles, games, etc. O, and chocolate of course!

I had a great day and felt so loved. It is amazing how many people really love and care about me! I love you all to. Especially my cute hubs for my breakfast and hoodie:) Not to mention treating me great the entire day! 26 isn't too bad thus far... hahah.

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chelsea mckell said...

ummmm.... you forgot the best part of your birthday - seeing the two-word greeting I wrote on your FB wall. That blows away any ol' French toast stickies.