Tuesday, December 13, 2011

22 weeks

22 weeks and growing strong! The photo above is Baby B...neither one was being very cooperative for photos today! He has his hand on the left side of his face. We had an appointment today with the perinatologist to make sure me and the babies were healthy enough to go home for Christmas. We are good to go! I have had a few contractions and fainting spells lately, but the Dr. thinks they are nothing serious. Just an increase of bloodflow to the babies, therefore less bloodflow to ME! I have to lie down or 30 minutes to an hour whenever I get lightheaded, and then I am usually good for a few hours. Just have to be careful I guess! Unfortunately, one of my spells and contraction episodes was at work...so...I am done until these babies get here. Just gonna take it easy at home. Up a little, down a little. Hopefully I don't ever have to be down all of the time, but we will just take it as it goes. I am soooo bummed about not working, I was hoping to be a trooper and work until the end. BUT, I gotta do whatever it takes to get these babies here safe and sound, and believe me, I WILL.

Cute feet, just hanging out on my right side...I definitely feel lots of bumps over there! Both of the kiddos are pretty active though, so it is fun.
Names? Ug. I will take any suggestions I can get...most people don't GET to think of 2 first names and 2 middle names all at once! Woo-hoo for us! Seriously, I feel so lucky to get these boys. Everyone keeps saying to me, "good luck!" or "relish in the time you have now"...etc. If only they understood how long we have been waiting for these little bundles of joy. (yes, I know, bundles of poop and crying, too, but we will take IT ALL!)  Keep growing Baby A and Baby B! Love you!


becca said...

I think you put it best...bundles of joy!
yes there will be crying & poop...but the JOY will far out way any pain. :)
can't imagine having two sets of kicking feet in one belly. love it!

Amy said...

Every time I see that you have updated, I think to myself, "I hope it's a post about those babies!" I love reading your updates...even though they always make me cry!

Chelsea said...

I totally agree with Amy, that last commenter... so fun to follow along with you! Sorry you had to stop working. That's a little bit of a bummer. But now you have more free time to.... BLOG! I actually just got home from an event with the Salt Lake Mothers of Twins Club - you should see if your area has a twins club! We do a lot of great activities. And yeah - thinking of names is a big job! Not only 2 first names and 2 middles names... but how those names sound TOGETHER, because you'll be referring to them together most of the time. Like - "where are Tim and Tom?" And you have to decide if you're going to be one of those weirdo twin parents who actually gives their twins funky coordinating names like that. There's Mickey and Minnie boy-girl twins in my ward, not joking. I know you'll do great! :)

Marjie said...

Oh, I am so excited to hold and love these two little boys!!

Barratt Family said...

i so happy to hear everything is going well! i can totally understand why its such a bummer that you can't work anymore i bet it made time go so much faster! Lucky you are more then halfway, its all down hill from here! jk:) and you have more time to get everything ready! i can't wait till they get here! they will be best buds!!!